Foratting 2 gig MicroSD card for M3 Lite

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    Hey guys, I bought the M3 Lite because it was highly recommended here as it's the best GBA slot device that fits flat in a DS lite but has the best game compatibility. It was a bit steep at $80 but I'm very happy with it.

    However I have a 1 gig card in it now and want to put a 2 gig card in so I never have to worry about swapping MicroSD cards out again. Anyway, I remember when setting up the 1 gig card I was recommended formatting it in a specific way. I can't remember if it was FAT or FAT32, and I was given a specific Allocation unit size that was best recommended.

    I am using a 2 gig Japanese Kingston MicroSD card and simply want to know what File system (FAT or FAT32) would be best, along with the Allocation unit size. This is of course in Windows XP.

    Thanks a million!
  2. ShiningSaber

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    I know FAT16 would be best, as its faster and has an upper limit of 2GB or 4GB.
    No idea on the cluster size, though.
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    I just bought an M3 Perfect recently. You have to format it in FAT32 or games won't boot properly.