For those who have imported DS lites, DS games, Japanese Wii, or wii g

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    I've made a similar topic on gamefaqs but unfortunately only a few were willing to help

    So I thought I'd give the forums here a shot

    My friend has recently moved to Japan (job opportunity that she couldn't miss) and even though she's been there for almost 2 weeks now, she's still kinda lonely

    As a farewell gift, I gave her my club nintendo serial numbers (they come with DS lites, Wiis, ds games and wii games) for her to use as she pleases. They weren't much and I dunno how many points she got from them

    So for those who have imported any Nintendo items from Japan, do you mind sharing your serial numbers? They're pretty much useless if you don't live in Japan. You'd make my friend happy knowing that there ppl out there who actually are nice enough to make her feel better\

    Pls. PM me if you're willing to help