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    Sep 9, 2015
    United States
    For you people that have trouble installing homebrew on TN-V, by not showing up, corrupted, not loading here is the solution. You must have a TN-V bubble and an ARK bubble installed already. Not going to into details. Then in your ark savedata drop the 138menu files to have that loader on your Ark. Then download your homebrew and make sure it has everything it needs to work. The eboot(no need to rename to FBoot or anything). Don't put to many things in it. Delete unnecessary things in your homebrew folder. Just put what you need(to avoid problems in the installation). If its emulator, DONT PUT ANY ROMS!!!!Then right click the homebrew folder and with winrar click add to archive. Name it to INSTALL.ZIP and put store compression method. Leave everything else as is. Then drop the INSTALL.ZIP in your ark save data folder where you put the 138menu contents. Then transfer ark savedata with QCMA. Once transfered, launch ArK. 138 menu should load up. Scroll to install tab. If done correctly you should see your homebrew. Install it. It should install correctly like a charm. Ready. Using Vita FTP, transfer ROMs one by one to the correspondent folder. Create a folder called seplugins if not already and put your homebrew plugins. Launch TNV and activate plugins and boom you can launch your homebrew without issue or problem.
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