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    cause i see xbox live chat and nds wi-fi chat. how about a ps3 chat if that's possbile? if not that's fine. like 2 differnt chats like one that is ps3 chat and the other is ps3 psn network room where we can set up times and stuff to meet. cause i have a funny feeling if i talk about ps3 in the nds wi-fi chat i'll get booted.
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    I assume you mean on the gbatemp network, you do not have to do anything special to make a chatroom (you might have to be a registered user but that is nothing major) just type "/join #ps3chat like you would to join any other channel (might want to add that to your autojoin list as well).

    If you want to register it then it gets a bit more tricky. GBAtemp's IRC does have a chanserv bot/option which should be the same or similar enough to most other chanservs on other irc servers:
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    Use the /cs help and /ns help commands for help on how to register your nick and channel.

    Joining a channel that does not yet exist makes you the owner of that channel. But you'll have to register your nick + the channel to keep it. [​IMG]
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    I'll create a channel called #Costello.