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    some dude named jesus woke up on the 1st of april.

    he didn't spefically pay attention to the date

    he did what he usually did, went and hung out with his friends, went to his classes, smoked a bit, had a bit of fun.

    jesus went home, got dressed, for they were going to dinner that night.

    they went to a fancy italian restaurant, they had eaten some pasta, garlic bread all round and some wine. jesus got a bit tipsy and spouted a couple lines, everyone laughed

    jesus lost a bet - whether he could score with mary that night, the condition was he had to lick each of his friends feet. 12 in all. he began until he reached simon. Simon was too good of a friend to Jesus, he told jesus he shouldnt be doing this. jesus replied with a manly speech, about how a man must honour his promises and whatnot. Simon backed down and let jesus continue.

    so they left the restaurant, to go and have a bit more fun. visited a couple pubs and everyone simply crashed for the night.

    One or two hours later, Jesus was the first up, he went outside just to simply have a breather, he had a bit too much.

    he knew one of his friends - judas, hated him because of the attention mary gave jesus. and that he'd do something about it soon, but he didn't think on it.

    when he was done, he was confronted by judas, judas proceeded to hug him when all of a sudden police came out of nowhere, judas accused jesus of trafficking drugs. The police searched jesus and found a wad of cash and a bit of coke in his pocket. they cuffed him, put him into the car and proceeded to take to him to bel air.
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    You're doing it wrong.
    You need to quote the rest of the song.