Hacking Following autoboot guide and afterwards Wii won't turn on...


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Dec 26, 2008
United States
I was following this section of the USB Loader GX ReadMii:
QUOTE said:
It is possible to boot your wii directly into the USB loader GX. The only thing you need for this is a wii app called preloader. First download the newest rev of the loader or even better, the forwarder (dol format, see downloads at the top of the readmii). Place the dol you get in the root of your SD card (no need to rename it to boot.dol). In the preloader menu, choose install file and choose the dol to install. When its done, go to the main menu of preloader (B) and then choose 'settings'. You have to change 2 options here: Autoboot=file and Return to=preloader. Save the settings, then launch the Wii menu in the main menu. It will boot into the USB loader GX!

Did everything correctly, turned it off, and then later tried turning it back on and all I get is a black screen... I am guessing the Wii is bricked? Any way to solve it? BootMii is installed as an IOS not under boot2. Any way that I can somehow recover or should I just end up shorting out a piece of hardware again and sending it back into Nintendo for repairs again, except this time it would be under warranty and free. Any ideas and options would be great.

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