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Nov 29, 2021
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Alright, I have been trying for a few days now to get the private key to sign my own flipnotes but I am at a complete loss as to some of the things I need to do to get the key are. So I've dumped flipnote using godmode9 (I'm using flipnote studio on 3ds and not flipnote studio 3d) and I have the flipnote app file which I have thrown into a hex editor only to be even more confused, and now I've hit a complete block in my understanding. Let's start off with one of my problems and that is decrypting modcrypt to find the RSA header but I have no idea what or how to do this, I have been searching around trying to learn what these are but I still don't understand. Another thing is that I'm using a cia version of flipnote to use it on 3ds but I doubt that will change much and than there's the thought that I'm doing something wrong and in that case please help me correct it. If anything, I just need a clear explanation on everything I need to do and if you can please tell me how to make the key into a .pem file. If you need anymore information I will happily give it to you.

nevermind, i got it
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