Flipnote Downloader Site? (Downloads .flv and .ppm file...)

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    Hi everyone, I am trying to search for a certain website I came across a while ago---I don't remember what it was called and what the name of it was, though I KNOW it had something like ugomemo in the name, maybe before the first dot or in the actual domain name. Anyways, so what happens is that you enter the URL of a Flipnote and then you are able to watch it in a tiny screen and download the .flv file and the .ppm file. I am PRETTY sure I came across it once before, but the main reason I want it is not for downloading the .flv, it's for something else, so please do NOT suggest an .flv downloader...so if anyone who has come across it has seen it before and knows what the URL could give me the link, that'd be great. Thanks! [​IMG]

    EDIT: Never mind, I found it again. >FT
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