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    I've ordered my FlatMii and am anxious to get it going, but it made me wonder.
    Would it be possible to make a FlatMii type device for the Xbox 360?
    I think it'd need to have SATA cables rather than the standard DVD ribbons, and some way to grab the drive's signature and keep it in memory (or maybe just on your PC).
    Then people who don't have dual layer burners could make backups and it'd be a whole lot cheaper [​IMG]

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    I don't know how useful would be for 360.

    As for Wii games, they're just 4,3gb and you can shrink them. If you shrink them, you can actually fit a LOT of games on your HD.

    Instead, 360 games area all over 6,5gb and are unshrinkable. Just by having 20 games on HD you'd end up with over 120gb occupied just by isos [​IMG]

    I dunno how cheap it'd be in the long run.

    Also the 360 security is pretty tight-locked, it may even be impossible to do on the 360 [​IMG]
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    We discussed this the other day although it was buried in another section:

    Long story short it could well be possible.

    "don't have dual layer burners"
    The vast majority of drives will burn dual layer discs, they can get a bit iffy on dual play +r rewritables but they are not necessary for this. Failing that the drives themselves are very cheap these days.
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    Actually, I think it would be pretty profitable raulpica. I bought my external like a year ago when prices where higher, and I got 250Gb for 110 bucks. You can get like 1Tb for less than 100 at newegg now.