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    Sep 18, 2006
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    I'm trying to flash my DS firmware to use Flashme v7. I'm using an EZ-Flash III 1gig with a passme. I have tried all the methods listed on this website.

    However, i'm messing up something, as most of the methods end in a white screen.

    For method #1
    "Download FlashMe v7, Download ndsloader.bin
    Make a new text file with the following and save as flashme.bat
    copy /b ndsloader.bin+flashme.nds flashme7.ds.gba
    Run the batch file
    Write flashme7.ds.gba to the NOR (256Mbit) side with EZManager 2.09AA
    Write DS loader 1.03 to the cart"

    I did as it said, but I was unsure if "write DS Loader" meant the file "ndsloader.bin" or if it meant the orginal DS loader with the EZManager. The orignal EZManager one didn't work (I used 1.02 and 1.04). I then renamed ndsloader.bin to replace the nds_loader.bin file in the /sysbin but that didn't work either.

    Method 2
    "Rename the flashme file flashme.gba and burn that to your cart making sure EZClient does not patch the rom in any way and you do not use a loader: uncheck the use loader option in the "system config" pulldown menu and in the section where you can enter a name for your rom make sure patch type is set to none. "

    I renamed flashme.nds -> flashme.gba. That didn't work. EZ-Manager doesn't have a system config pulldown, so I assume this was for EZ-Flash 2 or something. I also just loaded flashme.nds and that didn't work. I used EZManager 2.09AA.

    Method 3
    "Rename the flashme.nds file loader.bin and burn it to your EZ3 as a loader"

    This said the file was invalid or corrupt (I'm can't remember which). Does that mean this method is wrong or my file doesn't work? But I changed flashme.nds -> nds_loader.bin. I picked the file off that website above. I used EZManager 2.09AA.

    Method 4
    "You will need special loader called EZF3me written by Darkfader: EZF3me.zip Write the loader contained within the zip file to your EZ3 by placing the files in the /sysbin folder of your EZManager folder and updating the OS only the 256mbit section can be used for running code using this method.

    If using this method it is suggested to use EZManager 2.08 because it was released before EZManager altered NDS gamecode while loading. If your rom has a file extension on .NDS add a .GBA to it, so it looks like "File.NDS.GBA or File.GBA" then place in the 256 section of your EZ3.

    Put the EZ3 in your DS and turn it on (you will need to have a passme variant or a DS with flashme, (wifime will also work but not with some rom patchers) you should then be able to run the DS code. "

    I'm using EZManager 2.08 final. I put EZF3me in /sysbin. Changed the name and replaced the original loader.bin file. Whenever I renamed the file with a ".gba" extension, the program would crash when I tried to burn it to the cart. Is there a program to rename the file? What am I doing wrong?

    Is there something that isn't mentioned on the website that I'm supposed to hold down when I boot up? Did I miss anything. Method 4 seems the most promising, but the file crashes the ez-manager. When it says to put it in the /sysbin, does that mean just put the file in there and not overwrite the orignal loader file?
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    May 3, 2006
    Just put the "flashme.nds" on the card as-it-is, that should work.
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