Flashing DSphat with broken Slot-1

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    Hey, I'm sorry if this has been asked before... I am not too sure if I could relate to that thread if questioned there... but yeah [​IMG]

    I am insisting on flashing this DS phat as the Slot-1 is screwed (the wires make it unreadable), so I was wondering if WiFiMe would do the trick. Although, I am unable to do the TakeMeOut (PictoChat screen colour) test, as I stated before: the Slot-1 is stuffed. [​IMG]

    So without avail, I was wondering what I would need to do to somehow pass the FlashMe.nds file to the DS without the need of a Slot-1 Passthrough device. That would be great! No need for the Slot-1 anymore.

    Thanks everyone [​IMG]
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    The DS slot takes care of sleep mode (which will not work if you do not have a capable card in the DS slot) but yeah.
    There are two types of wifime: standalone and "passme"

    Standalone uses DS Download play and can not be used for this.

    "passme" acts in the place of a passme/nopass and can get your DS to boot DS code from the GBA slot.

    They were both taken out early on in the DS life but older DS models still work. You also require some fairly specific hardware.

    Get this up and running and flashme should work from your cart leaving you free to bypass the DS slot.

    All this being said it may be easier to just resurrect the DS slot (I do not know how badly it is broken but at worst you could solder the pins to the internal connectors for one or two bootups).
  3. Maikel Steneker

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    You could use WiFiMe. Just send it using a wireless card with a RT2500 chipset, insert any Slot-2 cart and start FlashMe from that.
  4. 754boy

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    Yes, this should work [​IMG]
  5. DanTheManMS

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    Only for older DS systems with firmware version 3 or below though. Anything higher than 3 simply won't let Wifime run.

    FAST6191, your post is kinda misleading. There are two separate entities, but both use Download Play.

    WMB is the "Wireless MultiBoot" protocol, and it's what you use to transfer official .nds demos to the DS via Download Play. WMB works on nearly all DS systems. Only official RSA-signed demos will be accepted by the unflashed DS. Wifime is a modification of the Super Mario 64 DS demo, and somehow the DS still accepts it (not sure how), but when you send this modified demo over to the DS via Download Play, it redirects code execution to whatever's stored in slot-2. Wifime only works if you have a slot-2 device to boot into.

    Once you use Wifime to launch a slot-2 device in DS mode, you can install FlashMe. With FlashMe installed, you can launch the slot-2 device in DS mode without any additional equipment, and you can send unofficial .nds binaries (
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    You can use a GBA card to do the PictoChat color thing. It works the same.
    Yes, wifime will work. Only if you have a lower version firmware.

    How did you kill your slot 1?