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    Dec 2, 2007
    so im going to get an arcade version that comes with halowars and sega superstar tennis(going to sell this one straight away [​IMG] ) over at harvey norman when it comes out.


    I plan to flash it the minute i get it, sadly none of my desktops have SATA connections, they are all IDE. though i do have a few external hard drive enclosures lying around which used SATA hard drives, if i plug the hard drive in with using the external enclosure then plugging that into the pc would i still be able to flash it?
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    if you have an open pci slot, you could find a SATA controller card no problem, and cheap.
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    They are cheap on ebay, Make sure you look into flashing a Liteon drive as you are 99.9% guaranteed on getting one of these unless you manage to get an old version of the arcade! These are more of an arsepain to flash as there are more steps in extracting the key from the drive.

    All the info for this drive type can be found here: http://team-xecuter.com/ well worth a read 1st to make sure you are up for the challenge [​IMG]