Flashed disc drive: what will happen if I update dashboard?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by cleppy88, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Pretty straightfoward question, I can not seem to find a straightforward answer.
    I recently flashed my hitachi drive with LT+ firmware, and my dashboard is 9909. I was wondering if updating (by connecting to xbox live) would give me any troubles playing backups? This console is not hardmodded, and it was a lot of freaking work to get this drive flashed. I haven't tried to play any kinect backups yet, but I'm guessing they won't let me play unless I get kinect dashboard. If I want to do this, is this going to somehow mess up my flash? Sorry if this is totally redundant, I am still really new at messing with the xbox.
    I have dead space 2 working on the current dashboard (9909) so i'm not complaining too much, but I wouldn't mind having the newest version in case it screws with my future backups.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Yes, your xbox will likely explode and burn down your house if you do it.

    In all seriousness though, updating the dashboard with modded drive firmware is safe from a technological standpoint, but what you need to consider is the new anti-piracy measures are in place in newer dashboards. In particular to look out for is AP2.5 protected games. If your drive firmware doesn't support the loading of AP2.5 games, then upgrading dashboard would not be in your best interest unless you are prepared to update your dvd drive firmware as well.
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    You should be fine for now. LT+ supports AP25 games assuming you patched them.
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    mw2, halo reach, and black ops

    all will have AP 2.5+ activated on them
    this means if you already downloaded them and burned them, you must obtain the patch from online, patch the game iso, and reburn them
    the games will not work in their current condition and you risk getting an XBL ban after 3 mins (or so I heard) of the 360 rejecting the game disc
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    Wait Hitachi got LT+ Holy crap I think I might get my hitachi fixed lol.