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    Apr 17, 2003
    Here is my dilemma: I was playing Pokemon SoulSilver on my Acekard 2i when it decided to die. I thought that by perhaps transferring my save file to an emulator I could continue my game. This worked with DeSmuME, however the game itself is practically unplayable due to slow down. So I moved over to NO$GBA, which with a simple trick can play the game flawlessly. Except whenever I load my save it crashes instantly. Save conversion did not seem to help this issue.

    Others have posted about the issue here, but at the time (2009) the problem was not really solved and I did not want to resurrect such an old thread.

    A bit of research shows that this problem doesn't exist with prior Pokemon game saves transferred to NO$GBA. Does anyone have a solution?

    EDIT: Nevermind folks, I got it working. It turns out the glitch had very little to do with my save. It was in fact a glitch caused by beating the third gym. If you load the game at any point after that it would crash. My save was far past said point. Luckily a patched existed, so its working perfectly now.
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