Flappy Bird for Game Boy Advance

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    May 18, 2018
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    Found this http://www.jayvanhutten.com/flappy/

    "Written in C, compiled with DevKitARM."

    To use, flip your Switch towards your left into portrait mode and the top button on the bottom joycon {right button on the left joycon if it was in landscape mode} is the control button.

    Works perfectly with the VBA-Next from RetroNX that I'm using. Use whatever GBA emu you have.

    I know there was some other 1 mentioned around GBATemp with an NSP, but that didn't function on my 4.1.0 Switch.
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    I moved your thread to GBA section.
    This has nothing to do with the Nintendo Switch itself, it just runs the game on any GBA emulators.
    GBA emulators are not restricted to Nintendo switch, you can play flappy game on any emulators running on any consoles.