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    Hey guys,

    we see it every day, gamers flaming each other because of the different gaming platforms. But why? When I am talking about videogames I am talking about gaming. What can I do with the Xbox360? Playing videogames. What can I do with the PS3? Playing videogames. What can I do with the Wii, PC or any other gaming platform? Playing videogames. So, why do I have to see every day this stupid flamewars about it? I have many friends who only own a PC, but when they come to me, we all play together. Is it Wii, Xbox360, PC or any other gaming paltform I own. And people who say "I played the Wii/PS3/Xbox360/PC and it sucked", they played 2 or 3 games and can tell about this 2 or 3 games that they suck and will never have good games? We should stop those flameswars. It is not about what gaming platform is the best, it is all about gaming.

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    Because people will always have their favorites, and if you don't agree with them, your just wrong, and they want you to know your wrong.

    Typical fanboy rant :

    The (fav console) is the best out there, EVER! (your console) will never be as good, because (theirs) has better graphics, better games, and because it's (cheaper/more expensive) it's so much better than (yours)!

    I have an Xbox, a Wii, a Sega Saturn, a GBA, and a DS. Out of all my consoles, I like my Xbox the most. Not because of games, but because I have it softmodded to run Xbox Media Center, and can watch my movie library (almost 200 movies, 12 different TV Show full series runs) on my big screen TV in my living room. Not because of any game on it. Because of what I can do minus games. Second I like my Satun. I love the old school games on it. Myst is a great game if you have time to sit down and actually play a game. Plus, there are a ton of Japanese School Girl games, lol. My GBA/DS is for when I'm not home (or on my throne, yea, I said it!) Untill something good comes out for my Wii (when I say good, I mean good for me, not you) like a new Zelda or the new Animal Crossing game, I'm just playing some old Virtual Console titles (hacked injected ones, like FF3/6, Earthbound, and the Band Bros. DX Speaker Channel)

    It's all a matter of perspective, and if you can't take someone else's comments and see their point, your just a fanboy flamer...
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    A little while it was quite bad but now its actually okay. Discussions are now more in the vein of "spirited arguments" instead of "full out flamewars".
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    I don't talk about only this board.
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    Flame wars are always going to happen, you just need to get use to it.
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    Quick note - anyone who has participated in a flamewar cannot take the moral high ground in this thread.
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    Go look at a PS3 or Xbox360 news item on IGN....the comments on every single one of them degrades into an all-out flamewar. The Wii, meanwhile, is quietly kicking both of their asses while they fight amongst each other.

    It's classic divide and conquer.
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    That is it.

    Me and my [insert religion of choice] friends are now forced to arrange a meetup with [insert phone brand of choice], don our [insert clothing brand of choice] and drive our [insert car/maker of choice] from [insert place of choice] to your house whilst listening to [insert band/musical genre of choice] whereupon we engage in debate using [insert dialect/language of choice] after which we shall attack you with [insert martial art of choice] before making our escape from [insert "policing" force of choice] before dining upon a [insert country of choice] takeout.
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    We've discussed it here already.

    Also, here. In detail.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about idiots flaming each other over consoles. Even a "don't flame" topic starts a fanboy flamewar.