Fixing an RRoD 360 with 2 Red Rings...

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    I'm attempting to fix an RRoD Xbox 360 wit 2 red rings. I've searched, and there are many tutorials but I don't know which ones are out of date, which ones are up-to-date, and which ones are the best ones. Can someone help point me in the right direction? I want to get this 360 fixed as soon as possible....if possible. Thanks!
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    The 2 Red Rings shouldn't be permanent (as they mean overheating, and it can't possibly overheat AS SOON as it turns on).

    If you've bought it used, I do feel there's a REALLY bad fix (or at least a trying to fix) in it.

    In the worst case, the Thermal Sensor under the CPU is fried. That'd be quite a pain.

    This is one of my favourite sites: .

    Enjoy [​IMG]
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