Fixing an NES.

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by dudenator, Apr 29, 2010.

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    Mar 7, 2009
    Well, about a year ago, my NES started smoking. I have no idea why but after it worked fine. But now, it just refuses to turn on. Has this ever happened to anyone else? If it has how did you manage to fix it? (If you did manage to fix it.)
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    You know that SMOKING KILLS!
    and the victim was your NES. Thats what Ebay is for.... cheaper (and safer) to get another one mate.
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    Ouch. It could be a voltage regulator, those things love to go up in smoke. Sadly, it'll be very difficult to find a replacement. You might get lucky. Take the NES apart and look for anything that looks blown up [​IMG] Try to find a part number, it might be a very common, 25 cent part. Or, it might be a proprietary Nintendo part.
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    Well it's a tough call considering it smoked(borderline caught fire) and then when it cooled off it worked a bit. I'm guessing how you said it, it has sat around plugged in or not? And now you try it and not even the red flashy light of aggravation comes up. It could be that volt regulator, could even be an old capacitor that's shot, the board is blown, or something dumb like a bad plug or the jack into the system itself too. If it's a simple part you can get at some electronics shot and you're good with soldering go for it, but if it's something Nintendo cooked up, you're done.

    Without a volt meter and some time to screw around trying to figure it out, hard to say, and worse yet is getting parts because regardless you won't get them as most aren't sold. You'd basically need to get a working system and break it to fix yours which is retarded. I've seen often in the USA on craigslist for $40USD a good working NES go for sale, so I mean, is it worth all the bitch work or just buying a new one?
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    Hmm, as others have said, I would think it was a voltage regulator or a capacitor, can you open it up and take some high resolution pictures of the board?

    As for parts not be available, the originals will doubtless be long discontinued, however a modern equivalent should not be hard to find at all. vregs and capacitors are very standard parts.
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    Capacitors usually don't smoke, they just love to leak.

    It's strange that it worked after smoking... maybe the caps just died from age.

    Voltage regulators usually just die, after the magic smoke.