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    So, you
    K, no problem. Can be fixed
    First make sure to see if you don't have the working Wuphax *.app backup of your previous backup laying around somewhere
    (won't work if you did (2) ...)

    If (1) is the case and you still have another .app laying around that works for your vWii: simply reopen Wuphax,
    Press B and get the heck out of there, then check if it works

    [-2-] (Worst Case (1) or (2)
    If you have no backup laying around /OR/ used Save Manager GX and corrupted your Mii Channel:
    You'll defnitly need a Mii-Channel-wad for. You got to find that one on your own...

    0.) Aquire the correct Mii Channel for your Device

    1.) Use AnyTitleDeleter to completly delete the (currently defunct MiiChannel) /!\ Be extra cautious with this tool /!\
    1.5) Return to the Wii Homescreen to check if it is gone

    2.) Locate a copy of the latest Mii Channel for your Wii,

    3.) Select your favorite .wad installer and reinstall MiiChannel

    If the attempt to reinstall the wad spits out: Error -1017 Or Error -1
    -> Make sure your Wii SD is correctly formatted (to make extra sure, use a 2GB NON SDHC/SDHX)

    [Solution ]Open Pimp My Wii and select "Wad", press B (it'll seek out a compatible wad)

    Further fixes, if you haven't already applied them
    IOS236 Installer MOD v8 Special vWii Edition
    1.) Install "IOS36-64-v3864.wad" (has to have the *.wad file in the root of your SD.. You got to find that one on your own...)
    [IOS36-64-v386.wad Hash: 5db360f18cb475059100b139fe471958]

    Get Multi Mod Manager and the wad mentioned below
    2.) Install "IOS36-64-v3864.wad" with Multi Mod manager
    [IOS36-64-v3864.wad Hash: e5ee8c3f9d3275905bf2e1e503867543]

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    Aug 25, 2019
    by Brawl345

    Download the latest version of the Mii channel via NUSD, check "create decrypted contents", copy the "00000018.app" into the root of your SD card and rename it to "wuphaxBackup.app" and restore it via Wuphax.

    I did not have any working backup of of vwii Mii channel, above answer did the trick for me.
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    catch22 is that mii channel was changed on the wiiu version. Aka the version you are using is not the wiiu version certain features was stripped from mii channel on the wiiu
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