First Post, Phantasy Star Online working with Ocarina Cheats? Cant figure it out

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    Hi, first post. Done a bit of reading here, this seems to be best site for Wii info.

    I have PSO running perfectly on my wii (i have tried both 1.00 and 1.01, both run fine) currently using DML2.10

    Ive got it to run using WiiFlow,USBLOADERGX and CFG loader. I cant seem to get ocarina cheats to work at all, I did get one code (a 4 part "rare armor in shop" code to run on V1.01, but thats it, nothing else) to work, and that was without the use of a (m) code.

    Does/has anyone had success using cheats with this game? I have read alot of tutorials, done all the .GCT stuff, not sure if its how I wrote the .txt but they do appear in a list so I think I wrote it correctly.

    I have tried different hook types, etc ocarina=on , derp

    CFG usbloader does not show anything before/while booting about cheats found, applying etc although I have set them in the settings.

    I have all forms of debugging off, padhook off,

    Is this a IOS/cMIOS issue? Im stumped. Should I switch to USB with regular DM instead of DML on my SD? I have had alot of issues with finding codes for the right versions of the game. It shows it as GPOE8P although ive seen GPOE70 as the same game, i dunno.

    There are no cheats available for download thru the loader. I can post any info needed from my config files, or system info if needed. I appreciate any help in this department. Maybe a link or copy of a proper .txt cheat file for this game that is know to be working? Or am I missing something, i think everything is ok, its just not appyling the codes I select. Ive been using GCNcrypt and the AR-Wiird converter.

    CFG USB loader says "parsing" error when loading the cheat file, but still displays them.
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