first Master's entrance exam due in 14 days.


GBAtemp's last ninja 2.
Sep 8, 2006
went to school and talked to my professor about it and he insisted to solve the questions of last years and dont attend classes for these two weeks.
and what am i doing? playing FF X, waiting for Assassin's creed, reviewing and downloading indie 2D games, CRAP.

and same thing goes for second exam which is in 2.5 months, I know, I will not study for that too.

what a waste of skin I am.

Atleast by working on my games, learning Jap (kukichiyo, i JUST wrote Japanese that way for you!), and other astuff, I'm atleast doing something beside finishing FF X and planning on FF XII.



what else?

wish I was a computer device, which you could put a program and then it was forced to run it, no matter what, but I'm not.
wish I had more control.


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    I blocked him
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    i mean, i don't think there's anything wrong with using rpg maker, weren't undertale and yume nikki made with it?
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    undertale was with game maker
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    i said i cant pay rpg maker
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    Since idk how to pay with bolivares
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    then get the free one
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    what free one?
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    couldnt find a cracked version
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    RPGMaker VX Ace Lite
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    I heard that one is ultra hyper limited
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    and you can only use it for 30 days
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    then time for you to learn Unity or Godot
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    Learn to make your own engine :P
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    Learn how to program in Assembly language.
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    (aka 'machine language') as the so-called nerdy nay-sayers would abbreviate it.
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    no, you should program using punch cards, that's how real men code their stuff
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    vacuum tubes and relays or nothing!
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    I guess I have to punch someone's face...... Brother of a friend said Sonic 06 is a great game HE IS SERIOUS
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    That's definitely worth punching someone over.
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    @Veho, hold still
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    @linuxares Godot is the best Ace Attorney prosecutor (jk i know what you mean)
    TheBakingGamer0424 @ TheBakingGamer0424: @linuxares Godot is the best Ace Attorney prosecutor (jk i know what you mean)