Firmware 1.2 Stable Released

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    Posted on the TeamCyclops board:

    CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.2 has been released, along with the first release of our new "Evolution Tools" software package and an update to the Moonshell media player - all of which are available for download from the support page. The v1.2 final firmware release includes all the changes from the previous BETA releases plus a few other additions. Changes include:

    * Custom cheat code support added
    * Fixed Wii connectivity (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Pokemon Battle Revolution)
    * Several game compatibility fixes
    * DSLinux is now supported
    * Moonshell soft reset is now supported
    * RAM pack for Opera (clean rom) supported via CycloDS Mini/Micro and EZ3in1
    * Rumble for EZ3in1 supported
    * Completely new translations: Dutch, Greek, Indonesian, Malaysian, Russian, Tagalog
    * All text is now completely translated (GUI, ingame menu and the updater)
    * Updated DLDI driver, will now allow 3rd party loaders such as DSOrganise and DSChannels to load .NDS files
    * Date and time are now set properly for .sav files
    * Hold SELECT while launching homebrew software to disable DLDI auto-patching
    * Fixed cheat core bug
    * Will now try to execute ROM's even when auto-patching fails
    * Ingame menu changes:
    o Time is shown on the bottom left
    o Multi-lingual (uses same language as you have set for main menu)
    o SlowMotion adjustable between 3 different speed settings
    o Realtime cheat enable/disable
    o Separated "Return to Game" and "Return to Main Menu" in the in-game menu to help avoid accidentally executing a soft reset
    o Improved stability
    o Supported for more games
    * Menu GUI changes:
    o Multiple skins are supported, selectable in the settings menu
    o Added new file view mode, "list view"
    o NDS sleep mode is now supported
    o Improved menu file list sorting method
    o Folders starting with '.' are now hidden
    o Buttons for various dialog boxes
    o Press B to exit settings screen
    o Stopped game list from displaying invalid items
    * Many other miscellaneous fixes and additions

    Evolution Tools is a PC-side software package for users of CycloDS Evolution. It currently includes the following components:

    * Cheat code editor - a user friendly GUI application for manipulating CycloDS Evolution cheat code databases. The cheat code editor has some very unique and useful features such as the ability to automatically retrieve the most recent cheat codes directly from the internet and import them into your cheat database.
    * Automatic ROM trimmer - can automatically trim your ROM files on the PC without any manual interaction required on your part.
    * Enable ROM icons - display actual ROM icons when browsing files in Windows.

    The new Moonshell release includes the following changes:

    * Bookmarks are now working
    * Audio file resume is now working (must be enabled in settings first)
    * Fixed a problem where soft reset would not work after playing a DPG video
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    Well isint this just the same as the Beta3 but just without the B?
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    Yeah, pretty much. Except for the new computer tools. Which are really great.
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    Will there be a option for realtime Saves in NDS games in future?
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    - Sam