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    Jan 3, 2008

    Fireworlds, the puzzle platformer for the DS by Dirbaio, has been updated to the Final version. He has also released a level editor to accompany the game. Join in on the on-going discussion for more information about this 2011 Homebrew Bounty entry.

    • • Open the editor with java.
      • Editor controls:
      • Left click to place, Right click to erase
      • 1,2,3,... to select blocks. For water and lava top, the first two vertexs define the "top" side. Draw water vertexs CLOCKWISE. You can't draw objects bigger than 256x256.
      • q,w,e... to select actors.
      • z,x,c,v to select actor data. Actor data is ONLY used by gravity actor and switch actor
      • Gravity actor: 0 = normal (default), 1 = inwards, 2 = outwards, 3,4 = sideways
      • Switch actor: 0 = toggles Portal 1, 1 = toggles Portal 2, 2 = Gravity switch (Only works with normal gravity)
      • A to save
      • S to Save As
      • D to open
      • F to erase level
      • H to edit help text (Use ';' to change line)

      [​IMG] Download
      [​IMG] Level Editor Download
      [​IMG] On-Going Discussion

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