Firebrand Games Would Love To Develop An F-Zero Game

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    Having already brought the TrackMania and Need For Speed franchises to the Wii and DS, it's fairly clear that Firebrand Games has an interest in developing racing games. In fact, there's a particular racing series that creative director Pete Shea would love to have Firebrand Games work on.
    Speaking to Cubed3, Firebrand Games CEO Mark Greenshields commented on the reputation the company has gained from specialising in the racing genre, seeing no reason to veer off course by developing something different. That said, the company is still open to new ideas and won't be ruling anything out just yet. Shea added:

    We'd love to make an F-Zero game if Nintendo are listening, though! F-Zero X is one of my all-time favourite games!

    When asked whether anything was happening with regards to DS development, Greenshields revealed that an unannounced DS game is in the works which is scheduled to ship later this year. Although nothing more was shared, Greenshields described the project as "the pinnacle of the Firebrand DS Racing experience".

    Although Greenshields refused to comment on whether 3DS development was underway, Shea had nothing but praise for the 3DS:
    It's great! We predict and hope it’s going to be huge. We're delighted that Nintendo have managed to pull another ace out of their sleeve just as the DS starts to reach market saturation. We think it’s definitely the right move. Rather than "DS 2" simply being a more powerful DS, the 3D element brings a wealth of exciting new possibilities to the table, just as the touch-screen did on DS or motion control did on Wii.[/p]


    ATLEAST someone is interested in this game .-.
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    Sep 19, 2009
    SEGA is also interested in developing a F-ZERO game, but I think a F-ZERO game is already in the works.
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    Firebrand would be a great company to develop the next F-Zero. I would love to see a track editor, and seeing their success with TrackMania, why wouldn't they put one in?

    SEGA should step aside... I never really liked their racing games. And they'd probably refuse to release it on Wii due to graphical limitations.
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    I agree, Trackmania was one of the best racing games I've played so far, after my favorite Burnout series of course -I'm a die hard fan of that-, I hope they get the green light.
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    hope it gets released, it would be an awesome racing game.
  6. Ikki

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    F-Zero would do so great on the 3DS. Futuristic scenarios + 3D visuals = success.

    Futuristic scenarios + 3D visuals can also equal seizures but hell why not.
  7. DSGamer64

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    My only problem would be that the 3D effects would cause a lot of people migraines due to the insanely fast pace of the game. I mean, you are talking about the fastest racing franchise ever created.

    Seeing as how we haven't had a new F-Zero since GX for the Gamecube and there wasn't a portable one on the DS, last was the GBA version, this is a franchise that Nintendo really needs to revitalize and put HD and 3D graphics into for the ultimate in over the top racing with a massive network of online play support as well. Imagine being able to host 16 and 32 player race events online on a console? That would be incredible since F-Zero really is one of the few racing games that has more then 8 drivers in it. Custom maps made by the community as well as Nintendo designers would be great for a game like that as well and really prolong the life span of a racing game, most of which fizzle out after a year or so and get replaced by new ones. There really is a lot of potential for a new F-Zero game, especially if they put it on a console.