Fire Pro Wrestling HD for 360 (and PS3) 09/09/09 (Japan)

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    If this is posted elsewhere I apologize.

    On September 9th, 2009
    For Playstation 3 and XBOX 360
    Format: Download only
    Region: Japan

    Developed by S-Neo and Grasshopper Manufacture
    Published by Spike

    Fire Pro Wrestling HD
    A new installment in the Fire Pro Wrestling series featuring high definition graphics and online functionality to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fire Pro.

    - Full 1080p support
    - High resolution 2D sprites (3 times the pixel density of Fire Pro Returns)
    - "Rebuilt" game engine
    - XBOX Live and Playstation Network support for online play
    - Unlockables
    - Downloadable content (download moves?!)
    - Custom soundtrack support
    - Upgraded logo editor featuring "image import".
    - Share edits and logos online with friends via PSN and XBOX Live

    Confirmed modes

    Champion Road
    One Night Match
    Match Maker
    Point Battle
    Team Mach
    Online Play
    Card Shop

    Known mode details

    Champion Road

    A decision driven ‘career mode’ similar to Fighting Road from Fire Pro Wrestling G.
    You begin by selecting your starting location. (Japan, America, Mexico, England)
    You cannot use any default wrestlers or pre-made edits.
    You have to start with a new character that has limited edit points.
    Edit points, moves, and ring attire are collected by earning points in matches.
    Points are earned based on audience ranking and other factors.
    Your starting location also determines your available choices.
    Advancing in Champion Road earns tokens that can be spent at the Card Shop.

    One Night Match

    All exhibition match options are available through One Night Match.

    Confirmed match types

    1 vs 1
    Tag Team
    Four Team Match ( 4 teams of 2 ?)
    Battle Royale
    Title Match
    SWA Rules
    Gruesome Fighting
    Cage Match
    Exploding Cage Match
    Landmine Death Match
    And 2 new match types that haven’t been revealed yet

    New match features

    Audience ranking for all match types
    Captain’s fall rule
    Lucha tag rule
    Defend titles in any match type
    New weapons
    Match speed in custom increments (ex: 108%, 122%, etc)

    Match Maker

    The new version of Match Maker isn’t structured.
    There are no objectives or pre-made scenarios.
    You can book complete shows with defaults and edits.
    All One Night Match and tournament / league options are available within Match Maker

    Point Battle

    A new mode to Fire Pro Wrestling!
    The game randomly selects wrestlers from the roster for a match
    You then bet on the outcome of the match
    Tokens you earn can be spent at the Card Shop
    COM vs COM only

    Team Match

    The standard 5 vs 5 elimination mode from previous Fire Pro games
    1 vs 1 matches only


    Wrestle an endless line of opponents until you lose
    Earn tokens to spend in the Card Shop

    Online Play

    Play against friends or random opponents via XBOX Live and Playstation Network
    Voice chat support
    Online Point Battle where you can bet tokens against other players
    "Party Play"

    League and Tournament

    Titles can be awarded to winners of leagues and tournaments

    Edit Mode

    Wrestler Edit
    Ref Edit
    Belt Edit
    Organization Edit
    Logo Edit
    Ring Edit

    New edit features

    Logo editor allows for ‘image import’
    Trade: Online sharing of all edit content
    "Advanced ring edit"
    Alternate attires for wrestler edits
    Edit space is based on available hard drive space

    Card Shop

    This is where you spend your earned tokens to purchase in-game content.
    Confirmed content: templates, default characters, alternate attires, artwork, videos
    You will buy ‘collector cards’ for the unlockable material. The cards will be displayed in your card collection


    Here's to hoping for a US release....
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    I'm not going to get my hopes up for an English release. And "- FULL ENGLISH TRANSLATION AVAILABLE FROM THE OPTIONS MENU" doesn't matter, you can't import an XBLA game. [​IMG]
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    Damn, I would probably buy this if it were translated.....there just too many menus and whatnot to try to navigate through.
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    For those who need a Japanese account:

    1. Create a Japanese Xbox Live Account:,15771.0.html

    2. Buy some Japanese Xbox Points:

    Redeem code. Download.

    You do not need a Japanese gold account to play Japanese 360 games on Xbox Live. The only thing you need a Japanese (silver) account for is to purchase the game itself from the JPN marketplace. The content is then registered to your Xbox. You can log in with any of your Gamertags and play the game normally.
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    I love being wrong. [​IMG] Thanks for the info, now I'm looking forward to this, considering it's real. I can't find any proof of it's existance.
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    As soon as this drops I'm grabbing it for the ps3, I've spent god knows how many hours with Fire Pro G and Fire Pro Returns.
    Glad its got a full translation built in.

    Edit: Source is Fireproclub
    This is very very awesome news.
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