Fire Pro Wrestling 20th Anniversary Collection on the Wii (Japan)

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    If this is posted elsewhere on the forums, I apologize....

    Release Date: TBA
    EXCLUSIVELY for the Nintendo Wii
    Format: Disc
    Region: Japan

    Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and S-Neo
    Published by Spike

    Fire Pro Wrestling 20th Collection
    A collection of 10 classic Fire Pro Wrestling games and a new version of Blazing Tornado to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fire Pro.

    Classic games

    PC Engine / TG-16
    Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag
    Fire Pro Wrestling Second Bout
    Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Legend Bout

    Super Famicom / Super Nintendo
    Super Fire Pro Wrestling
    Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2
    Super Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Final Bout
    Super Fire Pro Wrestling SPECIAL
    Super Fire Pro Wrestling Queen’s Special
    Super Fire Pro Wrestling X
    Super Fire Pro Wrestling X PREMIUM

    These games will be released with only a few minor changes.
    - HUMAN logos replaced with SPIKE logos
    - Officially licensed wrestlers / logos / etc will be replaced

    Players will be able to unlock video interviews, concept art, and other extra content by completing certain objectives in the classic games.

    Also on the 20th collection disc:

    Blazing Tornado REDUX
    Grasshopper Manufacture and S-Neo are combining their efforts on the ‘redux’ of Blazing Tornado.

    The new version of Blazing Tornado is based on the original coin-op version of the game, but features new characters and scenarios created by Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture.

    Gameplay will remain true to Masato Masuda’s original Blazing Tornado, but will be "expanded for current technology".

    Confirmed characters

    Eric Starbuck
    Daijiro Zama
    Wolf McSchneider
    Baron Firebird
    John Saigo
    MASK de Smith
    Ho Long
    Skull Punk II
    Jailbreaker Bullnoi
    Thunder Ryu
    Hizelshutat von Ludwig

    Known modes and match types

    One on one
    Tag team
    Battle Royale
    Death Match
    Blazing Road

    BLAZING ROAD is a story driven single player mode where players take control of a rookie and fight their way to the top of the wrestling world.

    There are 2 main story paths: Face and Heel.
    There are multiple endings within each path.

    Events take place both in and out of the ring.

    Story sequences feature voiceovers. English subtitles will be an option.

    The way you win matches will determine what happens in the story.

    In addition to regular moves and finishers, certain "cinematic finishers" can be triggered during Champion Road matches. These are optional and will alter the story.

    No edit mode in Blazing Tornado Redux.


    Cool as hell, but probably won't see a US release [​IMG]
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    Who the hell cares for a collection of wrestling games when each subsequent one is better than the previous? So disappointing.
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