Fire Linker or Chinese G6 Lite?

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    I have a GBA SP and a DS Lite (I've also considered picking up a Micro). Ever since I picked up a R4 I have been considering slot 2 options. Since I have a SP I'd like to be able to play games on both the DS and my SP.

    The G6 Lite seems to be the best option for that, but the price scared me off. I found it on Deal Extreme for $45 but it is the Chinese version and from what I've read I can only use a old firmware if I want it to be in English. Still, for 45 bucks it seems like a great deal.

    Them, I found this today:
    Obviously it is cheap both in price and probably quality but is there any reason I shouldn't pick this up? I might pick up something else down the road, like the G6 but if this allows me to play GBA games for ten bucks I might just stick with it. Anyone know anything else about this in terms of how I'd use it and the quality? I haven't used a GBA flash card before so I'm not really sure what to expect. Anyway, I'm probably going to get this just trying to see if I have any reason not to...

    All I could find out about it was a guy (on another forum) saying he bought one for $35 AU and he seemed fairly happy with it:
    "It works perfectly for GBA SP and it's really easy to use. Got a 128MB cart with it. The cartridge worked in a DS and even brought up a menu to choose the GBA game you wanna play.
    This is the official site with the program that it uses SPLINK.exe. Good luck with the language barrier!"

    Anyway, thanks in advance for any info.
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    Be aware of the fact you probably won't be able to play every GBA game because that 128MB is most likely megabit.