Fire Emblem Series - someone got the overview in this?

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    Hey everyone,

    I was just looking for some old games of the past when I got to the Fire Emblem series. The only games I played from these series are Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn and Awakening. I know that there are 2 or 3 titles for the GBA as well. And some for DS, I guess - but they are only remakes?

    But where are all the other like 10 titles? Did they never make it here? And if so, are there translations for every game? How many remakes are there really? I cant see through all this remaked titles and stuff. Oh, and I read something about a series named Tear Ring Saga from the same team. Is it any good?

    Could someone explain? Maybe I'm not the only one that finds all this confusing. ; )
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    The first FE to make it to the West was FE7 (GBA, the one with Lyn... it has a longer game name but I don't remember).
    There are translations for games before that.

    But anyway here is some list, and I am no expert so it may be not complete:
    - Fire Emblem 1 (NES - JP only - Introduces Marth)
    - Fire Emblem 2 (NES - JP only)
    - Fire Emblem 3 (SNES JP only - suppossedly contains Fire Emblem 1 as a remake and a continuation to the story)
    - Fire Emblem 4 (SNES JP only fan translation available - it is said to be the best, I only played a little, it is quite hard and unforgiving but looks to be great)
    - Fire Emblem 5 (Tharcia something SNES JP only, fan translation available, supposedly a spin off from FE4)
    - Fire Emblem 6 (GBA JP only fan tr. available - I think it is the one with Roy, I haven't played too far)
    - Fire Emblem 7 (GBA first USA FE - The one with Lyn, Kent and Sain - and many other characters, I liked this one)
    - Fire Emblem 8 (GBA Sacred Stones - available in USA)
    - Fire Emblem 9 (NGC - Path of Radiance)
    - Fire Emblem 10 (Wii - Radiant Dawn)
    - Fire Emblem 11 (NDS - available in USA - a remake of FE1)
    - Fire Emblem 12 (NDS - JP only, but there is a fan translation, I don't know much about this one)
    - Fire Emblem 13 (3DS - Awakening - The world is related somehow to FE1 and FE3)

    Also, the original creator of the series (Shouzou Kaga) was only involved in up to FE5.
    The DS games are remakes.
    The GBA games are originals.

    Games are related in this way:
    FE1 - FE3 - FE11 - FE12 - FE13
    FE3 is a remake + continuation of FE1
    FE11 is a remake of FE1
    FE12 is a remake of FE3
    FE13 happens in the same world several thousand of years after FE1

    FE4 - FE5
    I think FE5 is set on a kingdom present in FE4, but some hundreds of years after FE4 or so.

    FE9 - FE10
    FE10 is a almost direct continuation of FE9 (perhaps one decade apart?)

    Games I think are independent one game stories:

    EDIT: Fixed based on machomuu reply
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    Fire Emblem 11 is a remake of Fire Emblem 1. The former of which is known as Shadow Dragon. Fire Emblem 12 is also a remake, known as Shin Monshou no Nazo (New Mystery of the Emblem). FE12 is a remake of FE3, Monshou no Nazo. While FE3 does have a remake of FE1, Shadow Dragon is yet another remake of the first game while Shin Monshou no Nazo is a remake of the events that happen after Shadow Dragon (since FE3 was split into books, the first of which was FE1), but apart from the remake, it's a sequel.

    The DS version of Monshou no Nazo is interesting in that we see a number of features that would later make their way into Awakening, such as Character Creation and Casual Mode.