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    Book 1: War of Darkness

    B1CH00 Prologue

    In the distant past, the continent of Akaneia was invaded by the Durhua Empire,
    led by the Mamkute King, Mediuth.
    The people lived in fear and despair.
    The Holy Kingdom of Akaneia, which had always guarded the world, was also
    destroyed by the horrific power of the Dark Dragon.
    The world was facing ruin.
    However... A miracle occurred.
    Anri was a youth from the town of Aritia.
    He went on a perilous journey to obtain the divine sword of light, Falchion.
    And used it challenge and defeat the Dark Dragon, Mediuth.
    With Mediuth's fall, the Durhua Empire was vanquished.
    The Kingdom of Akaneia was restored, and the world entered an age of peace.
    Taking lead from the Kingdom of Aritia, many other countries also began to
    rebuild themselves.
    But, 100 years after the war with Durhua.
    After many years had passed, Mediuth resurrected at Durhua.
    He allied with the neighbouring kingdoms of Grunia and Macedonia, and restored
    the Durhua Empire.
    Also he joined forces with Khadein's Archbishop Garnef, who shared the same
    ambitions of ruling the world as him, and launched an attack on the Kingdom of
    Akaneia fought to the death, but under Grunia's General Camus and Mediuth's
    might they suffered terrible losses.
    Aside from Princess Nina, the royal family was wiped out.
    Aritia's King Cornelius, who possessed the bloodline of Anri, left to defeat
    He took the Falchion, the divine sword of legends, to battle, but was betrayed
    by Aritia's ally, Gra, and died in battle.
    Following him, the Kingdom of Aritia also fell.
    Prince Marth, just 14 years of age, managed to escape with the help of his
    elder sister, Princess Ellis.
    And he fled to the distant island country of Talis...

    B1CH01 Chapter 1: Marth's journey

    Map opening

    Prince Marth of Aritia was chased out of his homeland by the Durhua Empire.
    He was protected by the Aritian knights, led by the veteran knight, Jeigan.
    And he escaped, after much struggle, to the eastern island kingdom of Talis.
    The Kingdom of Talis was a small country, without even its own knights,
    located at the frontier.
    The King of Talis lent his eastern fortress to Marth, and offered him
    After the death of both his parents, and his beloved sister's capture, by the
    Empire, Marth felt anxious.
    "Prince Marth...
    I understand your concern for your sister.
    However you're only 14.
    You're too young to fight with the Empire.
    Please wait for now.
    Here you can train, until you become strong enough..."
    Under the caring protection of the Talis citizens, Marth had passed 2 years at
    this country.
    Right now, it is fast approaching the day that he becomes 16 years of age...


    Prince Marth, Sheeda has come from Talis castle.
    What? Sheeda, what's happened to the castle?
    Marth, am I glad to see you!
    The Garda pirates suddenly attacked us.
    They took over the castle, and killed lots of people!
    Please, you've got to rescue my father!
    Don't worry, Sheeda.
    The bravest Aritian knights are here in this fort.
    We won't lose to those pirates.
    Come, let's go to Talis castle together.


    [Bald villager]
    Prince Marth, please wait.
    This is what the villagers gathered up.
    All together there's 5000 Gold.
    Please use it to make preparations, and then rescue this country from the
    Garda pirates.

    Your highness, the village has opened its gates for you.
    Please hurry inside.

    [Male villager]
    Strong weapons require a high Weapon Level to use.
    Flying units should always be wary of bows.

    If you're wounded, you can rest in the forts, where you'll slowly recover

    Garda is a port town to the west of Talis Island.
    Right now it is a pirates' base, ruled by a man called Gomes.

    Akaneia's Princess Nina and Orleans's Lord Hardin have currently united.
    It seems they are fighting to defend Orleans against an invasion by Durhua's
    imperial army.
    It's going to be a fierce battle.
    Your highness, you should go to help them.

    [Female villager]
    Oh, you're the prince of Aritia!
    It's like a dream to be able to see you...
    This... This Vulnerary is a small gift from me.
    Please accept it.

    [Female villager]
    When Social Knights or Pegasus Knights dismount, they become Knights.
    When Horsemen dismount, they can fight as Hunters.

    Versus Gazack

    What, the Aritian army!?
    If we let you guys walk all over us, it would ruin the name of us pirates!

    Gazack falls

    Urgh... How...

    Chapter end

    [King Talis]
    Oh, Prince Marth.
    I am glad to see you're safe.
    We are all very grateful for your actions.
    Is that so...?
    You're finally heading out to Orleans?
    In that case, I will send some soldiers to aid you.
    These men, led by Captain Oguma, are all brave warriors.
    I'm certain they will help you in battle.
    Before you go, I have some important advice for your highness.
    From now on, during your highness's travels, you will surely find many people
    who despise the Durhua Empire.
    Some of them are hiding in villages, while others have been captured by
    There may even be some that have been forced to work for Durhua.
    Finding these people and fighting together with them is crucial.
    Do you understand me, Prince Marth...?
    Well, the time has come!
    You must be determined during your journey.
    Good luck!

    B1CH02 Chapter 2: Pirates of Garda

    Map opening

    Across the shore from the Kingdom of Talis is Garda port.
    For a long time it has been a poor, but peaceful port town.
    One day it was suddenly attacked by a pirate gang and it has since become
    their base.
    From Garda port, Marth begins the first steps to liberating his homeland.


    Prince Marth, I am Oguma, a Talis mercenary.
    I have been ordered by my king to join your army, along with my three
    This is Garda port, which is currently ruled by pirates.
    The Grunian army has also come to defeat your highness.
    No matter what happens, please be cautious.


    Citizens of Aritia, please rescue Sister Rena.
    Miss Rena helped to cure the poor and sick.
    However, she didn't heed our warning and went to the dreaded Devil Mountain.
    We haven't seen her since.
    The way Miss Rena treated us was like that of an angel.
    Please, you must rescue her.
    For this, we have gathered 3000 Gold.
    We will leave Miss Rena to you.

    If your Skill is high, you can pull off critical hits easily.
    If your Speed is high, you can dodge enemy attacks better.

    [Male villager]
    Archers and Hunters can only attack indirectly.
    Don't let them get attacked upfront too much.

    [Male villager]
    Weapons' might increases going from Iron to Steel to Silver.
    However, to use weapons of greater might, you must have the necessary Weapon

    Unneeded weapons and items can be stored in the supply wagon.
    If you want to take them back out, just approach Prince Marth.

    Recruiting Kashim

    You're Kashim!
    Why are you doing this...?
    Sheeda, I'm sorry.
    My mother fell ill.
    I must find gold to buy medicine for her...
    So you joined the pirates, I see.
    Well, I have some gold here.
    Take it to buy medicine for your mother.
    You would help a traitor like me...
    Sheeda, please forgive me!!
    Sheeda, I will lend my life to you!

    Versus Kashim

    Please forgive me, Sheeda.
    I must find gold.

    Versus Gomes

    Don't underestimate the Garda pirates.
    Taste my Hand Axe!

    Gomes falls

    To think, there could be such a foe...

    Chapter end

    [Bald villager]
    Your highness, thank you very much for chasing off the pirates.
    Now we can finally live in peace once again.
    To reach Orleans from here, you must cross Devil Mountain.
    Please be careful.
    Devil Mountain is ruled by the Samsian gang of bandits.
    They have raided villages and ambushed travellers.
    They're a fearful bunch.
    Especially that bodyguard, Navarre, who has a frightening sword arm.
    I sincerely hope that your journey is safe.

    B1CH03 Chapter 3: Devil Mountain

    Map opening

    Travelling from the frontier regions to Akaneia, Marth's biggest challenge has
    The Samsufe Peak is a steep mountain that divides the peninsula into northern
    and southern regions.
    Since some unknown time, bandits made it their base, and they started attacking
    neighbouring villages and travellers.
    Raids, kidnaps, setting fires...
    Their crimes are known to many.
    In fear, the people called the mountain "Devil Mountain".
    And they called those gathered at Samsufe the demonic "Samsians"...


    Hurry, Miss Rena!
    If you aren't quick, we'll both be finished.
    I heard the Aritian knights have arrived towards the south.
    Now's our chance to escape.
    Please hang on, you can do it!
    I'm sorry...
    But, I still haven't found my precious Relive staff...
    Forget about me and flee yourself!
    If it's just you, I can teleport you away to safety with my Warp staff.
    How is that going to help?
    Don't you understand why I betrayed them in the first place?
    I will find that staff later.
    For now, let's just make our escape!
    Hurry! Go!!


    Hoho! You're looking very lively, young lad!
    It isn't an easy task to reach a place like this.
    I will reward you with this axe.
    What do think? It looks impressive, no?
    However... This Devil Axe is a cursed axe that draws blood from its user.
    It would be best not to use it at all!!

    [Male villager]
    Be wary of Mercenaries.
    If you're careless, they'll send you flying in one strike.

    [Male villager]
    If you want to avoid enemy attacks, aside from Speed, you also need Luck.
    Standing on certain places might also help.

    If your Strength is great, your weapon or magical damage will increase.
    Also the effect of healing staves will be greater.

    Sisters cannot fight.
    However they can use sacred staves to aid allies.

    Recruiting Navarre

    Swordfighter Navarre!
    Why would a person like you become a bodyguard for these bandits?
    ...!? Huh, who are you?
    I have no business with women or children!
    Get out of here!!
    Please, stop this unnecessary fighting... and lend your strength to us.
    If you're unwilling, you can cut me down with your sword right now.
    ...I won't point my sword at women.
    Since you risked your own life to request for me, I don't have a choice... I
    will lend my strength to you.

    Versus Navarre

    Even though it's a shame, you must die.
    Take this! Kill Sword!!

    Navarre falls

    They're such fools...

    Versus Hyman

    So you guys want to die?
    I'll grant your wish!

    Hyman falls

    Urgh... I'll remember you...

    Chapter end

    Look, your highness.
    We found 10000 Gold inside the castle, which the bandits left behind.
    With these we can make further preparations.
    Tomorrow we will reach Orleans.
    Until then, please rest well.

    B1CH04 Chapter 4: Soldiers of Orleans

    Map opening

    The plains to the north east of Akaneia are ruled by the Kingdom of Orleans.
    Since its formation, it has had a close relationship with the Holy Kingdom of
    Akaneia, to the north.
    Other countries have completely fallen, and one half of Orleans has been
    conquered by Macedonia.
    However the King's younger brother, Hardin, nicknamed the "Wolf of the Plains",
    continues fighting.
    It was also thanks to Duke Hardin that Akaneia's Princess Nina was able to
    arrive safely.
    It has already been several months since letters were sent, containing plans
    to defeat the Durhua Empire...
    But these sad cries for help were left unanswered.
    Facing the Macedonian army's elite forces, their fate is also reaching its


    Princess Nina, the Aritian army has appeared across the river.
    Huh? Is that true, Hardin?
    Does that mean Prince Marth has finally come...?
    That's right.
    Now we can finally restore our army's strength.
    But, Princess Nina, it's going to be dangerous, so please wait inside the fort.
    We will come back together with the Aritian knights.
    Men, charge!


    [Male villager]
    Kid, what are you looking at?
    You haven't seen many rural towns like this?
    Now that you mention it, I remember the time I went to Peraty.
    I was really shocked when I first saw a Mamkute...
    An ordinary looking old man suddenly transformed into a gigantic dragon.
    That was really... surprising.
    I knew that the dragon tribe had some survivors.
    But I didn't expect them to be so impressive.
    Huh...? Oh... This?
    I found it there.
    I don't know what it is, but you don't see many glowing red stones like this,
    Oh well.
    It doesn't seem normal to me.
    If you want, you can have it.
    See you, kid.
    I hope we can meet again.

    In castles there will be many chests filled with treasure.
    However only thieves can open them.

    The Armour Killer sword is effective against Armour Knights and Generals.
    The Knight Killer is effective against Social Knights and Paladins.
    The Rapier is effective against them all, but only princes can wield it.
    Also, all weapons will break if you use them too much.
    Be wary of that.

    You can use a key in front of a door or drawbridge to open them.

    The scariest foes are Dragon Knights.
    If you're careless you'll get yourselves killed by them.

    Hoho! Horses and Pegasi can't be used inside castles.
    You wouldn't want those animals wandering around inside your own home, would
    The smell would be awful.

    In the forts, there are many enemies making preparations for battle.
    It's best to take control of them before reinforcements start appearing.

    If you get separated during battle, it can be dangerous.
    But, having somebody distract the enemy is also a good tactic.

    Recruiting Marich

    Oh! Prince Marth, it's been a while.
    Huh? Oh, Marich...
    Yeah, it's me!
    When I was studying at Khadein, I heard war broke out so I came to look for
    your highness.
    Really...? Thank you.
    With you in our ranks, I can relax.
    You will help me, right?
    Of course.
    Check out the might of my Excalibur magic that I learnt at Khadein.

    Recruiting Machis

    Machis, brother!
    Brother, it's me Rena.
    Ah, Rena!?
    Why are you here...?
    I was captured by the Devil Mountain bandits, but the Aritians rescued me.
    But, brother, why are you in the army?
    After you fled from Prince Misheil, Macedonia became more and more ruthless.
    The prince despised me, so he forced me to join the army and fight here.
    I detest fighting, but if I don't cooperate, they'll execute me.
    I don't really have a choice.
    No, brother.
    You should have been brave and walked on your own path!
    It was Macedonia that was wrong, for allying with the Durhua Empire and
    causing its people to suffer.
    What they're doing is deplorable.
    Brother, it's not too late.
    Come with us, and join the Aritia Alliance.
    Everybody will welcome you, because they're all good people.
    ...Really? I understand.
    Since I'm going to die anyway, I might as well die a glorious death.
    However I heard that you flatly denied the prince's proposal.
    My life is going to be hard with a sister like you.
    That said, you're still a woman.
    Are there any guys that take your fancy?
    No, there's nobody...
    Huh? I was so sure there was.
    Nevermind, you've already reached the age to freely love.
    But, remember what I am about to say:
    Never fall in love with a thief.
    ...Huh...? But...
    ...Okay, that's good.
    Well, Rena, don't push yourself too hard.
    I'll just go and say my farewells to the Macedonian army.

    Versus Machis

    Where are you?
    Even just once, I want to see you before I die...

    Machis falls

    Forgive this useless brother.

    Versus Merak

    This castle is Minerva's.
    I won't let you enter freely.

    Merak falls

    Don't think you've won.

    Chapter end

    [King Orleans]
    Oh, Prince Marth, you came at the perfect time.
    Princess Nina has almost arrived here from the fort.
    However there are still many enemies in the castle.
    Please be careful.

    B1CH05 Chapter 5: Fire Emblem

    Map opening

    After defeating the main force of the Macedonian army, the allied army
    advanced further to liberate Orleans castle.
    The valuable treasures in the castle must be reclaimed, before the enemy
    steals and escapes with them.
    "The chests can only be opened by Thieves, but do we have any within our
    Someone murmured...


    [What? The rebels have entered the castle?
    Armour Knights, seek out the enemy!!
    Archers, guard the throne.
    Thieves, gather all the treasures and prepare to make your escape.
    Listen well!
    Don't let the rebels take one step into this room!

    Recruiting Wendel

    (Talk with Marth)

    Lord Marth, I am Wendel, a bishop of Khadein.
    The magic city, Khadein, is the hope of all people who love peace.
    However, Garnef has become its ruler.
    Currently he has led the mages to perform evil deeds for Durhua.
    Prince Marth, to destroy Garnef's ambitions, please allow me to aid you.

    (Talk with Marich)

    Ah... Master!
    It's you, Master Wendel.
    Oh! Is it Marich?
    You're looking lively.
    It's good to see you're well.
    I finally caught up with Aritia's Prince Marth.
    I am currently with the liberation army, fighting against the Durhua Empire.
    But, Master, why are you here...?
    Khadein is finished.
    Khadein is currently ruled by the Demon King, Garnef, and has become a city of
    But I couldn't agree to do his evil deeds, so I escaped.
    Along the way I was captured by the Macedonian soldiers at Orleans.
    Is that so...
    Then, Master, can you please aid us?
    We're no match for Garnef and the Durhua Empire...
    Yet, we must reclaim Khadein in the end.
    Prince Marth would be very happy if a great bishop, like you, joined our cause.
    Mmm... Is that so?
    Although I don't like fighting, I guess this is the only option...
    I understand, Marich.
    I will fight together with you.
    Please inform Prince Marth about this action.

    Recruiting Ricardo

    (Talk with Marth)

    Aren't you the prince of Aritia?
    Thanks for rescuing me.
    I'm Ricardo, a humble thief.
    I came to the castle to steal, but I was caught by the Macedonian soldiers.
    To repay your favour, I will help you.

    (Talk with Julian)

    Aren't you Ricardo?
    What are you doing here?
    Oh, big bro Julian!
    It's been a while.
    Heh, it's a little embarrassing.
    I came to the castle to steal, but I slipped up and got myself caught.
    But, big bro, what are you doing here...?
    I'm not a thief anymore.
    I'm, er, an ally of justice now.
    Tsk tsk! You're probably being deceived by a woman.
    Big bro has always been intimidated by pretty women.
    My, uh, sense of justice was awakened, that's all...
    Anyhow, from now on you're going to be a companion of mine.
    Pfft! You're always so selfish...
    One, I have time.
    And two, since big bro asked of me...
    I understand.
    I will help big bro.
    But you must also help me.

    Versus Wendel

    I don't like fighting.
    You can do as you please...

    Wendel falls

    This is regrettable...

    Versus Ricardo

    Has anyone seen my big bro, Julian?

    Ricardo falls

    Crap, I blundered.

    Versus Mariones

    Da-damn! Don't get too over yourselves.
    Rebels, taste steel!!

    Mariones falls

    Urgh... You...

    Chapter end

    You are Prince Marth?
    Finally, I have a chance to meet with you.
    I am Nina of Akaneia.
    Our Kingdom of Akaneia, the guardian of this world, was destroyed by the
    Durhua Empire.
    The world is now facing ruin.
    Prince Marth, I have a request...
    Please, in my place, lead these soldiers who were defeated by the Empire and
    liberate the countries ruled by Durhua.
    Of course, Nina.
    In the past, Aritia has been loyal to Akaneia.
    And as a descendant of Aritia's founder, it is my destiny to defeat Durhua's
    Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth.
    Thank you, Prince Marth.
    Then, I will give this Emblem to you.
    This Fire Emblem is the symbol of the Akaneia royal family.
    It is the proof of a conqueror, and given to the saviour of the world.
    With this, you can also open chests that contain valuable treasures.
    This war will be fierce, but please try your best to return light to this

    B1CH06 Chapter 6: Trap of Lefcandy

    Map opening

    After liberating Orleans, the allied army marched south along the central
    road, towards Akaneia's royal capital, Pales.
    Their most difficult challenge is the countless forts situated at Lefcandy
    As well as the guarding "Dragon Knights"; Macedonian White Knights commanded
    by General Minerva.
    At Lefcandy, the only passageway to the Kingdom of Akaneia, an intense battle
    is about to start.


    General Hermine.
    I cannot go ahead with this battle.
    As an honourable knight of Macedonia, I wish to fight an open front battle.
    But, Princess Minerva.
    Your Macedonian army, at Orleans, has already lost over half of its soldiers.
    To restore the army, we must bide for time at this castle.
    I came here following his highness's orders.
    And here, I would expect you to follow mine.
    You cannot have forgotten what will happen if you disobey the Empire.
    Your sister, Maria's life would have no guarantee.
    ...I understand.
    I will leave everything to you...
    But I don't believe this method will defeat the Aritian knights...
    You will regret it in the end.


    Minerva is actually a princess of Macedonia.
    She is only fighting because her younger sister was captured by Durhua.
    Although many fear her, she is actually a beautiful and kind person.
    Is there any way to help her?

    The port of Warren seems to have lots of rarities for sale.
    If you're going there, don't go overboard with your shopping.

    [Male villager]
    If you equip heavy weapons you will be slowed down by them.
    So equipping light, but weak, weapons is also a good way of fighting.

    Recruiting Banutu

    Have you seen a young girl by the name of Chiki?
    Chiki is the Narga tribe's sole survivor.
    Without this child, there will be nobody to defeat the Mamkutes that serve
    I am a Fire Dragon, but I lost something important at Peraty so I cannot fight
    Regardless, I will come along with you.
    Please help me find Chiki.

    Minerva's group leaves

    I still cannot bring myself to fight like this.
    Paola, Katua, Est, let us return.

    Versus Hermine

    Damn you Minerva, daring to betray us.
    In that case, you guys shall accompany her in Hell.

    Hermine falls

    ...Urgh... Minerva...
    You traitor...

    Chapter end

    Prince Marth, we can finally talk about the Mamkutes.
    The Mamkutes already existed on this continent long before humans, and were
    referred to as the dragon tribe.
    However, they were punished by the deities, and were forced to seal their true
    form in stones and, afterwards, lived anonymously in the frontier lands...
    They coexisted with humans, living a life of peace and without conflict.
    However, 100 years ago, at the Durhua Region the Dark Earth Dragon Mediuth
    He gathered all the Mamkutes that hated humans, and formed the Durhua Empire.
    He then led an attack on the human world, and soon they had conquered the
    whole continent.
    Of course, humans fought back to the death.
    But in front of Mediuth's might, it was no use.
    Then, at that time, a youth from Aritia, wielding the Falchion, a sword that
    radiated light, appeared in front of Mediuth.
    After an intense battle, he defeated Mediuth.
    That's right. Your highness should know what happened afterwards.
    That youth, who founded the Kingdom of Aritia, was Anri the First.
    But, 100 years after that dark age...
    At Durhua, Mediuth awakened once again.
    Prince Marth!
    You are the only one with Anri's blood, the chosen one.
    You are the only one that can succeed the will of your deceased father, King

    B1CH07 Chapter 7: Port town Warren

    Map opening

    Because of General Minerva's sudden retreat, the allied army was able to enter
    the Akaneia region safely.
    To allow the soldiers to rest, they stopped at the famous merchant and port
    town of Warren.
    This town had paid lots of gold to the Empire so that they could freely rule,
    and were friendly to the allied army.
    At this town, surrounded by the sea and mountains and protected by many
    mercenaries, the soldiers were happy to get a much needed rest.
    ...But, as if to mock their feelings, news of an enemy ambush suddenly comes.


    Prince Marth, we are mercenaries guarding Warren town.
    The Grunian knights have gathered from the western forts and have us completely
    Right now, we are in a very dangerous situation.
    Luckily, the eastern castle is weakly guarded, so we should be able to subdue
    it easily.
    We will also aid you.
    Please hurry and escape to the eastern castle.


    In the forts, there are many enemies making preparations for battle.
    It's best to take control of them before reinforcements start appearing.

    It seems the princess of Macedonia is being held captive at Deal castle.
    If Macedonia and the Empire are allies, why are they doing this?

    To defeat dragons, you must use a Dragon Killer sword.

    [Male villager]
    In the coliseum, you will be rewarded with gold and experience if you win.
    But if you die, you lose your life.
    If you want to enter, you should be mentally prepared.

    Versus Canaris

    Why are you here...?
    Damn... I'll finish you!

    Canaris falls

    Glory to Grunia... Urgh.

    Chapter end

    Prince Marth, I am Katua of Macedonia's White Knights.
    I've actually arrived in secret to request for help from your highness.
    Our Princess Minerva is preparing to rebel against the Durhua Empire.
    But because her younger sister, Maria, is still in Durhua's grasp, she has
    been unable to act.
    Please, rescue Princess Maria.

    B1CH08 Chapter 8: Princess Minerva

    Map opening

    After accepting Katua's request, Prince Marth headed to rescue the captive
    Princess Maria of Macedonia.
    And so, decided to mount an attack on Deal prison.
    Within the allied army, many suggested it was a trap set by General Minerva.
    But Prince Marth believed that, in the battle of Lefcandy, he saw a gentle
    And it wasn't the fearful enemy that everybody described.
    That person had the same expression as his elder sister...
    A tragic and painful one...
    From Minerva, Marth saw the figure of his elder sister, Ellis, who was still
    missing after being captured by the Empire in place of him.
    Princess Maria must be rescued.
    Then perhaps that person can also be saved...
    Marth's heart was decided upon this action.


    Princess Minerva.
    You abandoned your post.
    Why have you come back?
    If you even attempt to betray me here, you can forget about Princess Maria's
    I trust you understand this.
    I don't plan on opposing you.
    But please let me see Maria, even for just a short time.
    She is still just a child.
    It must be hard for her.
    General... Please, please let me see Maria.
    That isn't possible.
    Princess Maria is an important hostage.
    If you're worried about her, then stop talking and follow your orders.

    General! There's trouble.
    The rebel army has appeared from the east of Deal prison.
    How would the rebels know to come here!?
    Order the dragon knights to charge!
    And request for reinforcements from the main squadron.
    Don't let them enter the prison!
    Crush them before they get near!
    Prince Marth...


    With a Thunder Sword in one's hands.
    Even the thickest of armour can be penetrated with its lightning bolts...

    This world has three great bishops.
    Archbishop Miroa
    Demon King Garnef
    And the legendary Archsage Gato.
    But Miroa died and now there is nobody who can defeat Garnef.

    Snipers are skilled bow users.
    If you carelessly let them get close you could get killed.

    Be careful of Shooters, near the northern fort.
    They can attack from faraway.

    Recruiting Maria

    Oh, you are Lord Marth?
    (Hee, he's so handsome.)
    Thank you for rescuing me.
    Please tell my sister that I'm safe.
    She will definitely be very happy.
    I would like to aid you, Lord Marth, by your side.
    Can I?

    Recruiting Minerva

    Greetings, Prince Marth.
    I am Minerva of Macedonia.
    Thank you for rescuing Maria.
    We were on opposing sides in the past, but now we no longer need to be enemies.
    My brother, Misheil, led the majority of Macedonia to side with the
    Durhua Empire.
    He was also the cause of my father's death...
    If possible, I want to defeat him with my own hands.
    Also, please help me rescue my subordinates.
    They are the three sisters, Paola, Katua and Est, of the White Knights.
    The Durhua Empire feared they would rebel, so they separated them from my side.
    But if they knew I was still alive, they would come back for me.
    The citizens of Macedonia are suffering under the Durhua Empire...
    Please let us fight together with your highness.

    Maria defeated

    Ah... Minerva, sister...

    Maria was just a hostage.
    Why did you... I won't forgive you!!

    Versus Minerva

    I am looking for Prince Marth.

    Minerva falls


    Versus Zhukov

    Damn! You're all useless.
    In that case, let me personally take care of them.
    Die, rebels!!

    Zhukov falls

    The Aritian knights...
    Are strong... So strong...

    Chapter end

    Prince Marth, do you know about Akaneia's Archbishop Miroa?
    The great bishop who protected Akaneia with his Aura tome...
    He died in battle against Durhua's ally, the Demon King Garnef.
    Yes, well, the bishop had a daughter called Linda.
    That child inherited his Aura tome.
    However, after Miroa died, Linda disappeared and her whereabouts are unknown.
    I heard she was sold to the slave market...
    She must be very sad right now.
    ...Marth, I beg of you!
    Please find Linda for me.
    And protect her, in place of the deceased bishop Miroa.

    B1CH09 Chapter 9: Slave market of Norda

    Map opening

    After many long battles, the allied army, led by Marth, finally catch sight of
    Nina's homeland of Akaneia.
    Called the thousand year palace, the golden capital of Pales is situated just
    across the mountains.
    Many of its treasures have been taken, and there are many imprisoned soldiers.
    Marth's long journey has finally reached one of its fateful destinations.


    We'll be able to see Pales very soon.
    It must hold such painful memories for you.
    The fall of Pales, I can still see it in my mind's eyes.
    So many people were killed.
    The royals were all taken to the castle gate and executed in public, as a
    warning to everyone.
    After managing to escape, I turned back to see father and mother, but they
    were no longer what they used to be.
    It brought such a terrible shock to me...
    I wanted to cry, but nothing came out.
    All I felt was sorrow and regret...
    But that was already in the past.
    Now is not the time to be reminiscing.
    Go, Marth, to the streets where I was born, to Akaneia's royal capital of


    This place is Akaneia's Norda town.
    The armoury and vendor have lots of nice goods.

    This is terrible.
    Since Akaneia fell, this town has become so desolate.

    I hate war.
    It always makes women and children weep.
    You mustn't continue like this.
    Head back to your lover's side immediately.

    Since ancient times, the Akaneia royal family passed on three special weapons.
    The fire bow Partia.
    The rock-crushing lance Gradius.
    And the mythical blade Miracle.
    Those that carry them will receive the blessing of the deities.

    [Male villager]
    Just outside this town is the slave market.
    But it's just full of stray kids.

    Right now, evildoers have populated this region, and even walking outside is

    No person can defend themselves against the breath of a dragon.
    Any armour is useless, so fighting front on is very dangerous.

    Recruiting George

    Prince Marth, I am George, a sniper of Akaneia.
    After the battle of Pales, I was captured by the Durhua Empire, but I managed
    to escape.
    When you agreed to protect Nina, I was already waiting here for you.
    From now on, I will use my Silver Bow to aid the liberation of my homeland.

    Recruiting Linda

    [Slave merchant
    Do you need a slave?
    Right now we only have weakling kids for sale, but we can sell them to you for
    a cheap price.
    You are selling children...
    How dare you!!
    If you want to live, release the children, and leave this place at once!!
    [Slave merchant]
    Ah, the Aritian army!!?
    You must have suffered, but it's alright now.
    Please return safely to your homes.
    .....Why aren't you leaving?
    [Little kid]
    I no longer have a home to go back to.
    Ah... Huh?
    You are a girl, but why are you wearing boys' clothes?
    [Little kid]
    I am bishop Miroa's daughter, Linda.
    I dressed up as a boy to escape from Garnef.
    But... Then I was caught by the slave merchants...
    Really? So you are Miroa's daughter...
    But you can relax now.
    Nina has also been worried about you.
    From now on, we will protect you...
    So you won't be in danger any longer.
    [Little kid]
    No!! Lord Marth, I want to fight as well.
    I have my father's Aura tome, which he gave me.
    As long as Nina permits, I can use it.
    I want to personally defeat Garnef, to avenge my father.

    Versus Shozen

    Blood, flesh...
    Burn everything...

    Shozen falls

    King Mediuth...
    Forgive me...

    Chapter end

    Nina, this is Pales castle.
    Pales... At last, Pales.
    It's so great...
    I have finally returned.
    But there should still be many captive knights in the castle.
    I really want to help them.
    I understand.
    The enemy's reinforcements haven't come yet.
    We'll charge into the castle.

    B1CH10 Chapter 10: Akaneia - Pales

    Map opening

    The many small kingdoms of this region were united, to become the Holy Kingdom
    of Akaneia, over 600 years ago.
    The founder, Adra the First, obtained three weapons from the deities, and
    fought a holy war to unite the continent.
    From then on, the Kingdom of Akaneia became known as the Holy Kingdom
    protected by the deities, and the royal family were deeply respected.
    Recently six kingdoms became independent, which was also thanks to the help of
    Right now, Prince Marth makes his first steps into the grand holy capital of


    Boa, the people in the castle are panicking.
    What exactly is going on?
    Hmm, perhaps Nina has brought the liberation army here.
    Huh, really?
    Then perhaps we can be saved.
    But, Midia, we can't get complacent right now.
    If this continues, the enemy will decide to finish us off.
    Without weapons, we're sitting ducks.
    But, Boa.
    We've finally chased the enemy away from Akaneia.
    Even if we die here, we should have no regrets.
    Haha... You're still so strong.
    Still, if you die, Astria will be very sad.
    I just want to see him one last time.
    That is my final wish.
    Well, Midia, for that wish you must endure to the end.
    You mustn't give up.

    Versus Bozen

    You rebels, who oppose Durhua.
    Taste my destructive Bolganone magic!!

    Bozen falls

    Don't think you've won.
    Durhua will not fall.

    Chapter end

    Thank you, Prince Marth.
    It was all thanks to your help that we could return to Pales.
    This radiant bow is called Partia.
    It is one of three weapons passed down by my royal family.
    Also, there is the Miracle Sword and the Gradius lance.
    It seems those two were taken by the enemy.
    If we could obtain those powerful weapons, your battles would become slightly

    B1CH11 Chapter 11: Gra, land of sorrow

    Map opening

    Gra, from the very beginning, was an ally of Aritia.
    However, during the battle with Grunia, they suddenly sided with the enemy.
    Because they were ambushed from behind, the Aritian army was decimated.
    And its king, Cornelius, and the Falchion disappeared at Gra.
    It has already been 2 years since that tragic day...
    Marth finally reaches Gra castle, guarded by the one who drove his father to
    death, Jiol.


    King Jiol.
    The allied army has finally come.
    What do you mean allied army? Idiot!!
    Why don't you just call them rebels!?
    Yes, I'm sorry.
    It's just that everybody calls them the allied army now, so...
    Idiot!! Those fools are just a bunch of rebels.
    You shouldn't have to fear them.
    I can't believe this. Not only did they make it here alive, but they're led by
    the Fire Emblem.
    Have you requested reinforcements from the Durhua Empire yet?
    Yes, a squadron of Pegasus Knights are expected to arrive soon.
    Pegasus Knights?!
    What good can those things do?!
    I specifically requested either Camus's Black Knights or Misheil's Dragon
    Damn it!
    So that's how they treat me?
    They plan on betraying us, just as we betrayed Cornelius?
    Damn that Garnef!
    I don't want to die just yet.
    Do you understand what to do!?
    Yes, your highness...


    So you are Aritia's Prince Marth...?
    Then, I have one request.
    This is a magic tome belonging to Akaneia's bishop Boa.
    Originally it was in the possession of Durhua's bishop Bozen, but now it is in
    my hands.
    Can you return it to Boa for me?
    Please take care of Princess Nina...
    I hope that you can protect her personally.
    Well, I must leave.
    We will definitely meet again.

    [Male villager]
    When you reach Level 10 you can change your class.
    Social Knights become Paladins.
    Mercenaries become Heroes.
    ...The others, I forgot.

    If you have a Silver Card, the goods at any shop can be bought for half their
    It's like a dream come true, isn't it?

    Recruiting Astria

    Why are you here...?
    It that you, Midia?
    Are you alright?
    It's great... to see you again.
    Ah... Astria.
    You didn't know.
    The Aritian army has already liberated Pales.
    We hostages were all freed, and now we're fighting together with Aritia.
    So you don't need to help the enemy anymore.
    Really? That's great.
    In that case, I want to try my hand at challenging Durhua once again.
    Mmm, from now on we'll be together.
    I'll definitely not leave your side again.

    Recruiting Katua

    Lord Marth, it's been a while.
    I'm Katua.
    After hearing that Minerva has finally joined your side, I have been waiting
    for you.
    I will also try my best.
    Please watch over me.

    Recruiting Paola

    Lord Marth, greetings.
    I am Paola of the White Knights.
    After hearing that you rescued Maria, my sister, Katua, and I escaped from
    Following my promise to Katua, I will also fight together with Minerva.
    However, our youngest sister, Est, headed to Grunia and hasn't been seen since.
    Once she returns, we three will able to help you out even more...

    Versus Astria

    I'm sorry...
    This is for my lover...
    Forgive me...

    Astria falls

    Midia... Forgive me...

    Versus Katua

    Wait, I'm looking for Lord Marth.

    Katua falls


    Versus Paola

    Wait, I'm looking for Lord Marth.

    Paola falls

    How ruthless...

    Versus Jiol

    Aritia's fallen soldiers...
    I should have killed you all when I had the chance.

    Jiol falls

    The Kingdom of Gra... is done for...
    My daughter... Sheema...
    You must... for me...

    Chapter end

    Prince Marth, we searched the whole castle, but the divine Falchion sword is
    nowhere to be found.
    It seems the rumours were true.
    It has already been taken away by Garnef.
    But, without the Falchion we cannot defeat Mediuth.
    ...I'm sorry everyone, but even though Aritia is so close now, we must go to

    B1CH12 Chapter 12: Khadein, land of sorcery

    Map opening

    Khadein, the land of magic.
    It is ruled by the Demon King, Garnef, and is a sanctuary for mages.
    As soon as the mages begin chanting, no warrior can defend themselves.
    One... and another one...
    Brave warriors come and fall, one by one.
    A cursed town of darkness...


    It seems those fools have come running here after all. They understand nothing.
    As long as I have my Maph spell, I am invincible.
    White Sage, even you will be unable to stop me.
    As long as the Dragon Goddess remains at the ancient Raman temple no star's
    light can illuminate my darkness.


    You can't use armour to defend against magic.
    Instead, you can use the MShield staff or Pure Water.

    [Male villager]
    You can't defeat the Demon King, Garnef.
    His Maph spell protects him.
    The only thing that can harm him is Gato's Starlight...
    ...Oh, this is bad.
    Please leave this place at once.

    Garnef leaves

    I'm afraid I don't have time to continue playing games with you.
    If you want to recover the Falchion, then come to Thebes.

    Versus Garnef

    Those that dare to wield weapons against me will die.
    I'll show you the horrors of my sealing magic, Maph.

    Chapter end

    Prince Marth...
    I am Archsage Gato.
    I am currently using my magic to communicate with you.
    ... It is saddening to see you being mocked by Garnef...
    Listen to me well.
    Garnef and Miroa were both my pupils.
    But Garnef stole Maph from me and disappeared.
    Mmm... He indeed has the Falchion as well.
    With Maph and the Falchion, the Durhua Empire has nothing to fear.
    This world will eventually be theirs.
    So long as Garnef has Maph, you won't be able to defeat him.
    ...However... There is one method.
    Find the Star and Light Orbs and bring them to me.
    With them both, then the only magic tome that can penetrate Maph, Starlight
    Explosion can be...

    B1CH13 Chapter 13: Battle of Aritia

    Map opening

    After being tragically defeated by Garnef's dark magic, Maph,
    Prince Marth finally marches his army south, in order to fulfil his hope of
    reclaiming his homeland of Aritia.
    The Kingdom of Aritia is a beautiful country, surrounded by rich water and
    But, after being occupied by Durhua, the country has fall into ruin, and its
    citizens live in eternal suffering.
    Right now, they can finally welcome the days of freedom.


    Marth, so this is your homeland, Aritia?
    It has already been 2 years since it was occupied by the Durhua Empire.
    That day...
    I managed to escape to Talis, thanks to my sister, Ellis's help.
    But she was captured by the Durhua Empire in my place.
    Right now, where on earth could she be?
    ...I must rescue her from their hands.
    Okay, everybody move out!
    For the freedom and peace of our homeland, Aritia!!


    [Male villager]
    Be wary of the Devil Sword.
    It has tremendous might, but if you're unskilled you could bring about your
    own death.

    The eastern prison is holding a young foreigner called Chainy.
    It is rumoured that he has an impressive ability.

    Princess Ellis was taken away by a bishop called Garnef, and now her
    whereabouts are unknown.
    Ah, Princess, you are so pitiful...
    Please be safe and well.

    Oh, you're the Aritian knights.
    It's so great that you've finally returned.
    Now this country can become peaceful, like it used to be.

    [Male villager]
    If you have a Member Card, you can enter Secret Shops.
    But, where those shops are, I don't really know.

    Please listen carefully, this is very important.
    To the south west are two villages.
    At the western village resides a paladin called Alan.
    At the eastern village resides a hero called Samson.
    Those two are both very strong men.
    However, the two villages don't get on well with one another.
    So, only one of them can become an ally.
    Please think carefully before making a decision.

    The Raman temple houses three Orbs containing great power.
    The Light, Star and Earth Orbs.
    Only once they are in your hands, can you know what their mysterious powers

    [Recruiting Samson

    I am Samson.
    I used to be a famous gladiator.
    However, for certain reasons, I now reside here.
    I am very happy to be able to serve you.
    But this village and its neighbouring village haven't got on well for a long
    Once they know that your highness has visited this village, they will close
    their village's gate.
    You should give up thinking of trying to recruit Alan.

    Recruiting Alan

    I am Alan.
    I used to work as the captain of a knights group.
    However, for certain reasons, I now reside here.
    I am very happy to be able to serve you.
    But this village and its neighbouring village haven't got on well for a long
    Once they know that your highness has visited this village, they will close
    their village's gate.
    You should give up thinking of trying to recruit Samson.

    Recruiting Chainy

    Oh, Aritia's prince.
    Thanks to you I was able to escape.
    I am Chainy.
    I came here from a faraway country.
    I have the ability to transform into any person.
    After discovering my ability, the Durhua Empire tried to force me to join them.
    But I didn't want to do their evil deeds.
    Since you helped me, I will come and help you.
    Please watch over me.

    Versus Chainy

    Hey! Wait, I'm not an enemy.
    Don't fight me!

    Versus Holstat

    Aritia's fallen soldiers still live?
    But as long as I'm here, I won't let you enter this castle!

    Holstat falls

    General Camus, I leave the rest to you...

    Chapter end

    Soldiers of Aritia, and the warriors that have fought alongside us, I am truly
    grateful to you all.
    Thanks to your efforts, we have finally reclaimed our homeland of Aritia from
    the hands of Durhua.
    But, there are probably many enemies waiting for us inside the castle.
    Everybody, don't be careless!

    B1CH14 Chapter 14: Starlord Marth

    Map opening

    After defeating Holstat's knights, the allied army swiftly conquered the whole
    of Aritia.
    All that remains is Aritia castle, guarded by the Demon Dragon, Moses's men.
    Moses substituted General Camus as the commander of the occupation army, and
    was a ruthless man guilty of killing numerous people.
    That dreaded Moses once again appeared before Marth.


    Hahaha... Marth, so you've returned to die.
    I am Emperor Mediuth's right hand man, Moses of the Basilisk.
    A pity though that you've returned so late.
    Your mother, Leeza, already died by my hands.
    And your sister, Princess Ellis, is now in Garnef's possession.
    Regret, for you cannot defeat me.

    Versus Moses

    Stupid humans.
    I'll show you to fear us Demon Dragons!

    Moses falls

    YOU... DID WELL...

    Chapter end

    Congratulations, Prince Marth.
    Aritia has finally been liberated.
    Please listen.
    The citizens are all praising your highness.
    Eternal glory to Aritia's Prince of Light, Starlord Marth...

    B1CH15 Chapter 15: Mamkute princess

    Map opening

    To obtain the Light and Star Orb for Gato, Marth and the others headed for
    Cashmere's Raman Temple.
    At Cashmere strait, they entered a fierce battle with the Grunian Black
    Knights, who attempted to prevent them passing.
    But once known as the world's finest, the Grunian Black Knights had lost their
    former glory and were defeated.
    Now, at Raman...
    The temple of Narga, where the jewels are hidden.
    A new story is about to unfold...


    Your highness, please be careful inside Raman temple.
    The goddess of this temple possesses fearful might.
    She will incinerate any and all intruders.
    Hmm... I suppose we shouldn't be intruding this sanctuary...
    But this temple holds the objects that I must seek.
    We must try not to provoke the temple's guardians.
    I will only bring in a couple of soldiers with me.

    The great princess of the Narga tribe, which fell into ruin long ago.
    Use your power to burn the intruders of this holy Raman temple.
    You mustn't forget it was I who rescued Banutu from Mediuth's grasp.

    Recruiting Chiki

    Oh!! Chiki, I was looking all over for you.
    It seems you've fallen under Garnef's spell...
    Please wake up...
    Banutu... Why...
    What's going on?
    Ah, good, you've awakened.
    Are you alright?
    Uh... What happened to me...?
    It was so scary...
    It was like I was in a bad dream...
    I'm really sorry...
    For letting you be frightened like that...
    But everything is fine now.
    From now on, I will always be by your side.
    Ah! Do you promise?
    You mustn't leave me alone ever again...

    Versus Chiki

    ...Get near me...

    Chiki falls

    Uncle Banu...

    Chapter end

    Marth, I am currently at a village north of Macedonia castle.
    That's right, it is already very close.
    If you have both the Star and Light Orbs, please come and visit me.
    Without Starlight you will be unable to take back the Falchion from Garnef.
    Garnef has escaped to the illusion city of Thebes.
    Your sister, Ellis, should also be there.
    I have been protecting her with my power, but I won't be able to hold out for
    much longer.
    Please hurry and rescue Ellis.

    B1CH16 Chapter 16: Black Knight Camus

    Map opening

    The Kingdom of Grunia is a knights' country, which was founded by one of the
    three heroes of the liberation wars, General Ohdwin.
    Since the country's formation, the neighbouring tribes were conquered by its
    mighty knights.
    And finally it became one of the strongest of Akaneia's seven kingdoms.
    However, the current King, Louie, was weak.
    He feared the power of the resurrected Mediuth, and so allied with Durhua.
    Also, following several consecutive defeats, he fell dangerously ill.
    The once brave and mighty Kingdom of Grunia has finally entered the age of


    Prince Marth.
    About Grunia, there is something that I wish to tell you.
    You should know that Grunia's famous Black Knights are led by General Camus.
    3 years ago, Akaneia was occupied by his men.
    I was also captured by him.
    Durhua wanted the entire Akaneia royal family to be killed, and they prepared
    to kill the sole survivor, me.
    But Camus didn't fear Durhua's Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth, and he constantly
    protected the young me.
    Once he discovered that Mediuth had sent his personal guards, he had me escape
    to Orleans.
    Afterwards, he was only held captive until recently, because he had won many
    victories for Durhua.
    At first I really hated him....
    But now, no matter what, I cannot find it in myself to do so...
    If possible, I don't want to fight against him.
    ....I just want to see him one more time...


    Oh, Lord Marth, you finally came.
    Is my granddaughter, Rena, alright?
    This repair staff, Hammerne, has been passed down by my family.
    Please take it.
    However it can only repair weapons, so take notice when you use it.

    Recruiting Lawrence

    General Lawrence, I am Sheeda of Talis.
    I have heard much about you from my father.
    Ah, Princess Sheeda.
    You have become more beautiful now.
    I really must thank your father, for his care in the past.
    General, you're opposed to Grunia allying with the Durhua Empire, right?
    Why didn't you stop them?
    The current King of Grunia is a weak and cowardly man.
    He feared Durhua's enormous strength.
    Durhua wishes to use Mamkutes to conquer humans.
    For Grunia, and for the innocent people of this world, we must stop Durhua's
    General, please stop fighting, and please help us.
    Uh... But...
    Well... I was ordered by my king to fight, but times have changed.
    I understand, Princess Sheeda.
    Even though betraying my country is wrong, I will still join your cause.

    Recruiting Est

    Ah, are you Lord Marth?
    I am Est of Macedonia!
    I was captured when I tried to recover the stolen Miracle Sword from the
    Grunian army.
    But that young knight, Camus, rescued me and I was able to escape.
    This is the Miracle Sword, a truly impressive sword, no?
    But, can your highness wield it?

    Marth nears Camus

    General Camus.
    I don't want to fight you.
    You should understand that this battle is meaningless.
    Nina also wants to see you.
    Please forget about the past, and drop your sword.
    Prince Marth...
    It's already too late...
    My homeland, Grunia, must help Durhua achieve its ambitions.
    It is my duty, as a member of the glorious Grunian Knights, to fight until the
    very end.
    And besides, I caused your father's death...
    Why don't we just end everything here?
    Wait, Camus... I beg of you.
    Your fight with Prince Marth isn't what I wish to see.
    Please... I beg of you, help us... No, help me.
    I'm sorry... Nina.
    If possible, I would like that.
    But... Betraying my homeland, right as it nears ruin, is something that I
    cannot do.
    Our days together may have been short, but I was very happy.
    I pray for your happiness.

    Versus Lawrence

    The glorious Kingdom of Grunia is finished...
    Your highness, this was all because of you...

    Lawrence falls

    This is fate...

    Versus Camus

    It's such a shame.
    As long as I have the Gradius, I will not fall.
    You guys are out of luck, give it up.

    Camus falls


    Chapter end

    Nina... I'm sorry.
    I couldn't fulfil my promise to you...
    No, Marth...
    You have also suffered.
    I'm sorry.
    I already knew that this would happen.
    Since the time I handed the Emblem to you, I knew that...
    The Fire Emblem must be used to restore the royal family.
    But there is a price to pay, which is to lose your most loved one.
    That is the curse of the Emblem...
    The fate of Artemis.

    B1CH17 Chapter 17: Knight on the wings

    Map opening

    Macedonia is Minerva and Maria's homeland.
    It is the birth land of flying dragons and is widely known for being a
    peaceful and rich kingdom.
    But the ambitious Prince Misheil ignored his sisters' opposition and aided
    Durhua with its ambitions.
    He led the Macedonian Dragon Knights to attack numerous countries, to instil
    fear in the people.
    And, right now, he has gathered his soaring army to fight a final battle with


    Gato, the allied army has come.
    This place is going to become a battlefield.
    Please leave to safety.
    Mmm... I understand.
    But Misheil, you truly are a fool.
    ! ....
    Why did you call me a fool!?
    You love Minerva and she deeply respects you.
    Since you were young, you two both discussed the future of this country, and
    put much effort into both martial arts and study.
    With your combined strength, Macedonia would eventually become as strong a
    country as Akaneia.
    However you let yourself be deceived by Garnef, becoming obsessed with
    pointless ambition, which would lead this country down the path of ruin...
    ...That is already in the past.
    Minerva betrayed me and betrayed this country...
    But, Gato, I haven't lost yet.
    I still have the Macedonian royal family's treasured Iote Shield.
    With this I needn't fear even arrows.
    That boy...
    I will personally slay Aritia's Marth, for you to see.
    That is my final will, as king of Macedonia!
    Then I have nothing more to say.
    Go! Misheil, go and punish yourself, for the crime of killing your own father!!


    Ah, Lord Marth, I am Gato.
    Welcome here.
    You have fulfilled our promise and brought both the Star Orb and Light Orb
    Then I can create the only spell that can penetrate Maph, Starlight Explosion.
    Very well, take this, and use it defeat the evil priest, Garnef.

    Marth, you still haven't brought with you the Star Orb and Light Orb?
    It is unfortunate, but I cannot create Starlight.
    You must give up all thoughts of defeating Garnef.
    Without recovering the Falchion from him, the battle against Mediuth will be
    very difficult.
    But if you're still determined, then you must gain more experience, until you
    have reached the limits of your body's power.
    Then you must arm yourself with mighty weapons such as the Miracle Sword,
    Gradius or Partia.
    That way, defeating Mediuth may not be completely impossible.
    .....But, Marth.....
    This road will be very difficult.
    Are you prepared...?
    Think carefully about everything, before making your decision to advance.

    It seems that a great bishop resides at the northern village.
    But he doesn't like humans, so he doesn't speak with anybody.

    Versus Misheil

    Damn you, Minerva...
    I still haven't lost.
    I'll show you to fear the Macedonian Dragon Knights!

    Misheil falls

    My dreams... have been shattered...
    Forgive me... citizens of Macedonia...

    Chapter end

    Prince Marth, I have already found the location of Thebes!
    To the far north of Khadein, at the Marmotord Desert, there appears to be an
    illusion town.
    But those who went to Thebes never came back.
    So, what will you do?
    I must go there, to reclaim the Falchion and to rescue my sister.
    Garnef! Watch me.
    I won't let this beautiful world fall into your hands!!

    B1CH18 Chapter 18: Evil priest Garnef

    Map opening

    Marth and the others were transported, by Archsage Gato's great Warp magic, to
    the ancient city of Thebes.
    At one time it was a proud town, possessing advanced civilisation, but now it
    is desolate and lifeless...
    At the central Thebes Tower... is where the Dark Bishop, Garnef, is situated.
    Marth and the others must recover the lost divine Falchion sword...
    And they must rescue Princess Ellis, who was captured by Garnef...


    You've finally come.
    I, Archbishop Garnef, have been waiting for a long time...
    It is a shame, but to secure my grasp upon this world you must die.
    Haha... Mediuth is under my control, there is nothing to fear.
    As long as I have the Falchion and Maph, even he cannot oppose me.
    Well, Marth, you must do battle with my images.
    The Falchion will be yours only if you can defeat the real me.

    Versus Garnef

    Those that dare to wield weapons against me will die.
    I'll show you the horrors of my sealing magic, Maph.

    Garnef falls

    I don't believe it! Damn Starlight...
    But remember this.
    You may have bested me, but you won't be able to defeat Mediuth with your puny
    Haha... I will be patiently awaiting you in Hell...

    Chapter end

    Marth... I've missed you so much.
    Look at how you've grown...
    Father must be very happy...
    After discovering that you had been taken by Garnef, I was extremely worried.
    I'm glad you're safe...
    Garnef captured me so that he could obtain the resurrection staff, Ohm, from
    If this staff is used at the temple south from Durhua, it can allow any person
    to come back to life.
    Let's go, Marth...
    To bring back the most important people that you lost.
    Let's go!!
    To Durhua!

    B1CH19 Chapter 19: Kingdom of Mamkutes

    Map opening

    "Durhua" is shrouded in a veil of mystery; a kingdom of Mamkutes.
    Everything started with the resurrection of the Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth, at
    this country.
    The continent of Akaneia was ruined from endless warring.
    Many tragic tales have been born and destroyed.
    But time flows fast.
    Mediuth's ambitions, of Mamkutes ruling the world, must finally end.
    And Marth's journey must also reach its final destination.


    Your highness, look.
    That is Mediuth's castle.
    We've finally reached it.
    But why hasn't Mediuth left the castle to fight?
    According to Gato, Mediuth hasn't completely resurrected.
    Therefore he can only assume dragon form inside his castle, where the power of
    the seal does not affect...
    Power of the seal?
    I don't really understand either, but it seems it was created by the deities
    to protect humans from the evil dragon tribes.
    In this world there exists something known as the "Shield of Seals".
    I have heard of that as well.
    It is mentioned in the legends of the Guardian God, Narga.
    But I thought it was all just a myth.
    If the Shield of Shields truly exists, then why has Mediuth appeared?
    Oh, that I...
    Anyway now is our chance, before he resurrects completely.
    We've come all this way, and we're so close to returning peace.
    Okay, let's go, to Durhua!


    Near the southern mountain is a sacred temple.
    If you stand in front of its central pillar, and use the Ohm staff, perhaps
    you may be able to reunite with fallen allies...

    Versus Zemsel

    This world, and everything on it, is ours...
    The ones who intruded were you humans!

    Zemsel falls


    Chapter end

    Ha... Foolish kid!
    Don't think you're so great!!
    Even though you've entered my castle, I won't surrender to the likes of you!
    Right now, I'll show you the true might of us Earth Dragons!!
    Come... to me...
    I'll send you to the pits of Hell!

    B1CH20 Chapter 20: The chosen ones

    Map opening

    After a fierce battle, the allied army finally entered Durhua castle.
    They had surrounded the castle, and charged inside from all four gates.
    But separating Marth's army was Mediuth's trap.
    The final battle, which will decide life or death, has begun.
    The chosen heroes' destined battle...


    You truly are a hero for being able to reach here.
    In the past I used to hate these stupid humans, and so I cut off
    communications with them.
    However, after seeing you, I have now realised that humans aren't a lost hope.
    Go forth!
    The deities' chosen one, Aritia's Prince of Light.
    Send the Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth, back to the eternal darkness once again!!

    Versus Mediuth

    I have awakened from my sleep.
    Rebels! You will suffer a fiery death by the flames of Hell.

    Mediuth falls

    I could be....
    Defeated by humans...
    But the heart.
    Aritia's prince, protected by the light...
    There will be... one day...
    When peoples' hearts only have evil inside them, and that is when my
    manifestations will appear.
    The heart...
    As long as there is light, darkness will never fade away...

    Chapter end

    With the Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth's defeat, the Durhua Empire disappeared
    into the darkness once again.
    The 5 year war of Akaneia was finally over.
    The continent of Akaneia, which was surrounded by darkness, once again
    welcomed the light.
    And so, Marth's long journey had now finally come to an end...

    (If Sheeda is alive)

    Lord Marth...
    I can finally return to Talis.
    Mmm... Sheeda.
    You must go back to report to your father, right?
    But if you don't return to Aritia immediately afterwards, then...
    Uh... Well... These lands, which have been ruined by war, must be restored as
    soon as possible.
    Haha, Marth, always leaving the most important things until last.
    If you're a hero, then don't try to beat around the bush!
    Go ahead and tell Sheeda about your feelings.
    What should I...?
    Ah, my head...
    Oh! Ye-yes!?
    I hope...
    That you and I can go back together to Aritia...
    ! ...Yes.
    I would like that...

    (If Sheeda died)

    Prince Marth... Thank you.
    Everything's finally over.
    Because of your efforts, this world was saved.
    But to you, the price to pay for this victory was too large.
    I am truly sorry.
    Nina, please don't say that.
    Sheeda's death was because of my own mistake.
    But... Sheeda, for a while...
    Even to my death, I won't forget her.
    Your love for her is...
    But, don't put the blame on yourself...
    Perhaps it is because we lost our loved ones that we were able to reach this
    promised victory.
    Although it is sorrowful, this is the eternal curse of the Fire Emblem.

    B1CEND Ending

    And so, the devastating
    War of Darkness ended
    with Durhua's fall.

    All Credit goes to: <b>Aveyn_Knight</b> from Gamefaqs
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    this is really helpful for the translation, im puting in all the chapter names now ^^
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    Now you have to put it in a patch [​IMG]
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    I may be mistaken but I think that this is the script from Fire Emblem : Mystery of the Emblem,
    and this is the 3rd opus of the Fire Emblem series.

    Or is this game a remake of BOTH the original Fire Emblem and the 3rd one? Someone gotta
    explain this to me because I'm lost right now XD !

    EDIT : Although the beginning fits, there are some dialogs that take place in different chapters,
    like the dialog between Ricardo and Marth or Julian/Wendel
  7. Celice

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    The script has largely remained the same throughout all three games, which is why any translation projects should go faster--they've already two scripts translated for them. All that really remains is the new content and the like.
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    If this is a translation for this game and not FE3, then why does it say Book 1 at the top of the translation? This isn't a FE3 remake, it doesn't have a Book Two.
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    Meh, he probably copied and pasted it from Serenes Forest.
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    It's from Gamefaqs I think. Or not. Found it there first [​IMG] He only copied Book 1.
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    The DS version is like an hexagon when compared to the the original square so that translation above won't fit

    Just so you know before you start jamming the wrong shape into the wrong hole.
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    It's from the same guy who runs, only he uploaded it to that site as well :/

    I think you misunderstand somewhat celentt. While there are new edges to the square, a majority of the text has not changed in the twenty years this game has existed, taking account both the original game and the Super Famicom remake. For the most part, a majority of text can be reused, in terms of a simple translation :/ But as it's almost assured to come to an international release, there's not much reason to translate the story, especially as you can already play the Super Famicom remake with the same script, as well read it on your own. Names of things is the only thing I would concentrate on, as that's what's essential to play, more than the story.
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    So the 3rd Fire Emblem already was a remake of the original Fire Emblem. I didn't know that.

    Yes, there is. The game is divided into 2 books but there is only 1 book copied here and I don't know if the 2nd book was fully translated. ^^
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    perhaps new missions only for the ds like Phoenix Wright ace attorney
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    There's four new Gaiden chapters included, and then there's a few levels that returned which were previously missing in the Super Famicom remake :/

    Fire Emblem 3 is split into two halves--a chopped down remake of Fire Emblem, with some characters, classes, and chapters removed, condensed into the selection titled Book I. Book II details the later events of Marth and co. :/
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    also, when i was replacing the chapter names i found out about the subquest chapters (i havent had to time to finish the game too busy translating lol =_=_