Fire Emblem Awakening - Support Hacking (any help appreciated)

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    A familiar situation maybe one or two of you have been in: Chapter 11 Chrom's about to get married.

    And if you were ever my caffeine-sweating, obsessive-level of playing this game, you'll know the child units are about to be recruit-able. I've done the days of research, and statistic calculations for every possible child unit stat, skill and marriage combination. Decided on parents - married off as many of them as I have already, got notes with promotion paths, the whole sinister, eugenics-y thing.

    Part of the master plan was to marry Chrom off to Olivia. I've already married off Sully, Sumia and Maribelle. But here he is, sitting at an A rank support with MU.
    Unfortunately, I intended to save her for another un-recruited unit. But at the end of this chapter, he marries whoever is at the highest support-lvl with him. I was also grinding like crazy, and have basically paired off everyone else up that I can already, so even if I was going to compromise at this point - there are no options.

    So, what can I do beyond marrying Chrom to FeMU or starting from scratch? (At the degree of compulsive insanity I've been playing this, these are not viable life-choices).

    Well... I looked into the "fire editor" save editor but it doesn't edit support lvl, as far as I can tell. I've also had some problems with it, and couldn't get it to work very well.

    I've been using cheatengine, and the "memory view" function to try some stuff out. I'm not exactly great at this, but after I found the address of my character's item slots, I managed to get some extra second seals. I even messed around with adding skills (although once you remove the skills in game, they just disappear). But I have no idea where to begin looking for relationship supports. I know if I can somehow alter their support conversations to being "unwatched" again, I can marry Chrom to Olivia. I just have no idea how to do it...

    So, if anyone's got any ideas, I'd be extremely grateful. Sorry for the essay - I'm going through "accidentally deleting my older brother's pokemon save file" flashbacks.
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