Finishing porting enhacklopedia to the GBAtemp wiki

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    Out in the world is a wiki on hacking games for all various systems and it does include two nice sections on the GBA and DS even if they are slightly outdated in places.

    The old GBAtemp cheats section hosted a mirror ( was one link the suggestions from my history cooks up) which is nice as the other two main mirrors and are up and down more than the proverbial whore's knickers (though the latter has been far far better in recent years), there are other mirrors so this is not a case of things being in danger of vanishing like some other stuff (we are still looking for a collection of the old tahaxan specs though most of the good information is still available and the contents of ETK's GBA cheat tutorials are sorely missed*- the palette stuff was rescued by RHDN ( ) though). Some of it made its way to the main GBAtemp wiki but not in full and some of it was broken with the loss of the cheats subdomain.

    The GBAtemp wiki seems to be under GNU FDL where the enhacklopedia seems to be under creative commons attribution and share alike licence so I am not sure what goes there (they seem similar in spirit but letters will very much get in the way).

    What meagre scraps on cheating I have as part of the GBA and DS hacking docs I am willing to contribute (most of it was worked examples of basic cheat finding methods as they apply to the GBA and DS, some light discussion on the more exotic stuff like pointer cheats, a couple of cheat to assembly ports which are probably not all that relevant and a link to enhacklopedia). Whether we want to go in for a GBA/DS/Wii remix/refocus I am leaving for the moment.

    *edit- and just like that finally coughs up the goods