Finally got around to playing with the M3 Simply

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by tama_mog, Jan 24, 2007.

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    May 6, 2006
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    1) Easy to setup, a monkey could do it. BTW, nice sticky by teapea at the top of this forums, should keep all the beginner questions in check, I just wanted to see the skinning information.

    2) Everything I've thrown @ it other than Castlevania:POR has been flawless thus far trimmed, and soft reset works just fine. Download play didn't seem to be an issue but all my ds lites are flashed so not sure about the unflashed situation.

    3) I've tried Castlevania on 3 types of cards, Sandisk 2gb ultra (it says it's an ultra on my card, and I bought it from a verizon store, maybe a misprint who knows), sandisk 1 gb ultra, and a kingston 1 gb from Taiwan. All 3 freezes on teleportaiton rooms and Going to Wind. On the bright side, the Kingston card did much better than the sandisk cards....took a while of entering and exiting the room with Wind to get it to freeze. My suggestion for a solution? Buy the real game, it's well worth the $$ and save yourself the headache of hunting down a microSD from Japan, though I bet you'll be able to freeze that as well if you did what I did @ Wind's room and teleportation rooms (calling Charlotte, in and out and back dashing cancelling).

    4) Great work on the skins so far for the R4 and M3 simply folks, I love the FF3 one from Killermech, great work.

    5) Seems like a future proof solution to me, can't wait to take the other one to the fiance and convert her from the m3 lite....there are some Japanese games that M3 claims to have fixed in the latest v31 patcher that still do not work properly.

    6) I've tried some homebrew patching with DLDI, 0 issues there as well. Moonshell seemed to work perfectly fine as well.

    7) Changing the case was easy as well, the small screw may look intimidating but it actually comes off quite easily with a small screwdriver (don't need to be the ultra small ones you use on glasses, just a small one from my Craftsman tool set worked fine).

    8) Seems to be a quality unit in terms of the online circuitry and the casing, one thing that is a bit flimsy feeling is the locking mechanism for the micro SD, but it'll probably hold up.

    9) For DS games, a R4 or M3 Simply is definitely the ticket in today's market.