Final Fantasy the after Years

Discussion in 'Wii - Console and Game Discussions' started by Scorpin200, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Scorpin200

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    Finally a real final fantasy game, and there hasn't been a good one since the 6th game. It's basically a continuation of the 4th one, but retains everything that made it good [​IMG].
  2. TrickyTony

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    Isn't the release from today only the first "chapter"?
  3. Taedirk

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    Jul 12, 2008
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    1 Prologue: Return of the Moon
    2 Ceodore Chapter: Last of the Red Wings
    3 Rydia Chapter: The Imprisoned Eidolons
    4 Yang Chapter: The Sifu of Fabul
    5 Palom Chapter: Mage, to the City of Forest and Water
    6 Edge Chapter: Babil's Pulse
    7 Porom Chapter: The Magic Ship That Vanished into the Moon
    8 Edward Chapter: Star-fallen Damcyan
    9 Kain Chapter: Return of the Dragoon
    10 Lunarian Chapter: The Blue Planet of Memory
    11 Gathering Chapter: The Moon's Gravity
    12 Final Chapter, Part One: True Moon
    13 Final Chapter Part Two: Planet Eater

    WiiWare release includes Prologue, Ceodore, and Kain chapters as the base game. Rydia's chapter is available as DLC. Official website looks like the last 3 chapters might be combined in one release (which goes with the info floating about that there are 9 total chapters for WiiWare.) Base gameplay took me about 4 hours and produced a completed save with a note that it would be used in "further stories." Not sure how long Rydia's chapter is yet, but I'd guess it's an hour or two worth the gameplay.

    EDIT: Better chapter listing with size + dates!

    Rydia's Tale "The Eidolons Shackled" - 300 points - (5 blocks) - Available June 1
    Yang's Tale "The Master of Fabul" - 300 points - (5 blocks) - Available July 6
    Palom's Tale "The Mages Voyage" - 300 points - (4 blocks) Available July 6
    Edge's Tale "The Pulse of Babil" - 300 points - (7 blocks) - Available July 6
    Porom's Tale "The Vanished Lunar Whale" - 300 points - (6 blocks) - Available August 3
    Edward's Tale "Star Crossed Damcyan" - 300 points - (6 blocks) - Available August 3
    The Lunarian's Tale "The Blue Planet That Was" - 300 points - (5 blocks) - Available August 3
    The Crystals "The Planet Eater" - 800 points - (17 blocks) - Available September 7
  4. Bladexdsl

    Bladexdsl ZOMG my's over 9000!!!

    Nov 17, 2008
    won't fucking work for me on PAL [​IMG]
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