Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Grimoire of the Rift(USA)CB to AR?

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  1. itoikenza

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    May 27, 2009
    United States
    Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Grimoire of the Rift
    Please convert to actionreplay!

    Equip Any Item
    With this code, go to Change Equipment
    and choose the desirable SLOT.
    Now, Hold START and select any Item you want.
    Release Start. END. (It should be equipped now)
    221115F0 E1C040B4
    D4000130 13400008
    221115F0 EAFBBAC4
    22000108 E92D0006
    2200010C E5901014
    22000110 E59F2034
    22000114 E5D22000
    22000118 E3520000
    2200011C 01C144B4
    22000120 E3520001
    22000124 01C144B6
    22000128 E3520002
    2200012C 01C144B8
    22000130 E3520003
    22000134 01C144BA
    22000138 E3520004
    2200013C 01C144BC
    22000140 E8BD0006
    22000144 E1C040B4
    22000148 EA044529
    2200014C 021E81E4

    All Items, Weapons, Shields & Accessories [Select]
    D4000130 04400004
    4212CCDC 00F50001
    63000000 00000001
    4212D0B0 00B50001
    630000FC 00000001

    With this code, go to SET ABILITIES,
    Hold Select and highlight all the Slots.
    Done, Instant Job Mastered. =)
    220B6354 E5D00000
    220B6358 0A00000F
    220B635C E3500000
    220B6360 0A000007
    D4000130 04400004
    220B6354 E3A040FF
    220B6358 E5C04000
    220B635C E1A00004
    220B6360 00000000

    With this code, highlight CHANGE JOBS
    option, hold Select and press A button.
    Now All Jobs should be selectable.
    2208A68C E7D001A1
    D211DEE8 09005400
    D4000130 08400004
    2208A68C EAFDD66E
    2200004C E3510FA1
    22000050 A92D0008
    22000054 A3A030FF
    22000058 A7C031A1
    2200005C A8BD0008
    22000060 E7D001A1
    22000064 EA022989

    Super Job Modifier (is it possible to keep the custom edit features of this code with action replay and digits needed too! if not make 2 only "adelle Nightshade human"(start) & "adelle Parivir human"(select) is it also possible to make the code minus the sprite change!

    Hold Select When Changing Jobs

    XX = Sprite (Screen Refreshing Needed)
    YY = Job
    ZZ = Race

    220B93B0 E5D60000
    220B93E0 E5D60001
    220B9430 E5D61001
    220B94EC E5C70007
    D4000130 07400004
    220B93B0 E3A000XX
    220B93E0 E3A000YY
    220B9430 E3A010YY
    220B94EC EBFD1AE3
    22000080 E3A000ZZ
    22000084 E5C70007
    22000088 E12FFF1E
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  3. itoikenza

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    May 27, 2009
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    already tried, they don't support codebreaker anymore! My post was deleted by elixer himself!
  4. elixirdream

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    in other words, there are more than 100 topics in the forum
    yet i can remember what topic was made and where the hack you did post
    so why can't you follow our rules and use the damn search function?

    blame yourself but don't blame me...

    cheat forum is not catered for ignorant people..
    learn how to follow the rules... thats all we ask........
    otherwise, get lost...


    i know who said we don't support CB but thats not really the truth
    however, the proper interpretation of what the poster said is
    we won't add CB codes into our database and i think that is fair!

    adding a CB code in to an AR database will only cause havoc

    if we ever want to add CB codes into our database
    i think its fair to start a CB/CF database....
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    We're doing you a service, at least comply with the rules and be grateful.

    Its your own fault that you can't follow the rules.
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    last but not least....another forum rule
    please check the forum / cheat database before you request....

    don't tell me you did check which i can rest assure you ...

    just a non friendly advise
    please make sure you do your homework before you summon me

    EDIT: consider request done
    EDIT2: just incase you said you could not find the codes..... , download usrcheat.dat and open it with r4cce from yasu

    EDIT3: you might think i am a douchebag... but i am actually very selfish... [​IMG] making things tidier and less manageable will definitely help us on maintaining the database...

    right now we don't even have the man power to answer questions/request/tidy up the posting forum and etc.... blah blah

    so rules are rules ...
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