Final fantasy echoes of time help!

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    Jun 24, 2008
    I'm stuck at the library, there's a special rock that only the book spell can hit floating in the air, and there's a button, if you step on it, the book goes up, and there's also this distance between the book and the rock, that's movable by a button also, but if you get off the button, it changes back to normal. so I don't get how to do this, even with a full party.
    P.S what's the difference between black and white books
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    The movable bookcase at the top when you go in. Move it off the edge by pushing it down-right and up-left. It'll get on the button when you push it on and you can go from there.
    P.S. The black aims for monsters. The white is to break the white-orb'd statues you need to break to get to the next area.

    If this is where the two buttons raise a bookstand made of stone and a wooden bookcase, then I'm correct.