Final Fantasy 7: Remake; in light of Anthem, FF15 and TellTale Games

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Will FF7:ER Fail?

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    final fantasy 7R was announced 4 years ago, FOUR YEARS. It was pretty obvious (to me at least) that it is not a ps4 game, its a ps5 launch title. Since the announcement we've heard rumors that they been working on ff7r for years before the announcement and since then its been scrapped only to be rebuilt from ground up. We saw what happened with FF15 and KH3 having to be rebuilt from ground up.

    Which leads to this. this is almost the exact same thing thats happened recently with EA's Anthem game. No direction, No leadership, No concept, too many resets, leading up to people making an incomplete game and releasing it in 16 months. 7 years of concepts and nothing being made. With Final Fantasy 15 it was 10+ years and almost the exact same thing happening in which everything was scrapped and it had to be built on a sh*t engine and released in 16 months.

    The only difference is that EA has abandoned Anthem already while Final Fantasy 15, which released in 2016, was STILL being developed for with episodic releases until mercifully shut down in 2018. the base game was so bad that the episodic DLC that accompanied it didnt add anything to it but a higher cost and workload for the company and the players.

    This ties into my other point. Episodic releases DONT WORK. Episodic releases ARE DEAD. Consumers have been saying the same thing for years now and finally its been proven. Telltale games has shut down, nobody bought their sh*t anymore (ilike their stuff but only played back on ps3, and the bruce wayne series is good). For awhile they were THE SH*T, when it came to story telling but again, if consumers are like me, I didnt buy any of their stuff until the story was completed. Im gonna assume that these companies rely on that preorder money to keep things going and they found out it dont work anymore. How many of you bought any of the Final Fantasy 15 DLC? I know I didnt, and they didnt even tie it in good with the $15 movie or the 5 episode youtube miniseries, complete trash. I sure as heck watched some the the DLC episode for Final Fantasy 15 via youtube but not all of it because it really didnt add anything to the main game and that it was just content that shouldve been included in the base game itself. Its a complete waste of time to even watch the Episodic DLC or to even revisit that terrible game. Valkyria Chronicles 4 did the same thing in which they set a timetable for dlc releases to try and extend peoples interest in the game, if they already had the dlc done they shouldve released it all at once, dlc that didnt add anything to the game.

    Back to Final Fantasy 7 Episodic Remake 7. Somehow I just know theyre gonna screw this one up. Everything is trending toward it. Final Fantasy 7s story just isnt as good as i remember. It was a product of the times, it was very revolutionary in 1997 but not so much today. Ive said Id pay anything to get my hands on it immediately but things have changed. Ill say for the millio nth time, final fantasy 15 was terrible. I was warned it was "decent" but i had to try it. i was warned kidom hearts 3 was just a "decent" game and i dont have to play it, the same warning i got for ff15.

    Ive seen gameplay from KH3, Hitman and Tomb Raider and im not impressed, same thing happened with BioWares Anthem, dragon age 4 and Andromeda and Mass Effect 3. I can acknowledge that Bioware is basically finished at the moment, theyre gonna need a big splash to become relevant again. Same thing with Square Enix, they even announce the Dissidia as a free game but i hear or see nothing from it but bad news. I read Someone even threatened to kill a bunch of people from that company LOL. (i laugh but it really isnt a funny matter)

    Even though I know nothing about how development and production is going, Final Fantasy 7 Episodic Remake doesnt seem to be steering in the right direction and it seems like its gonna be the same old story we've all heard before if it fails, again. How can a remake of an already complete game with a robust storyline and dialogue fail right?

    edit: the poll will close in 3 years, i dont think the remake will be done by then, giving two 16months timeframe. I dont thinks its a ps5 launch game either anymore.
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    It has been a ridiculous long time and wouldn't surprise me if square Enix announced we are sorry ff7 remake is no longer in production then announce but bear with us as we hav started development on another project tht you hav asked for and we will show you a trailer in the coming months of ff7 part 2 - :lol:
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