Final Fantasy 6 Advance (E) Woolsey Slattery Compromise Patch

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    The European version of Final Fantasy 6 advance has gained another hack. This one aims to restore some of the names and lines from the original SNES translation that for whatever reason got changed in the GBA version (discussion of changes in the spoiler section below). project page (click under "Patch Version" to download it)
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    Filetrip link
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    It is just a standard IPS patcher, GBA flash cart owners wonder tool GBATA should be able to patch it if you lack an IPS patcher
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    Good news from the readme is you should be able to stack this patch and the SNES style audio patch released a while back. I would however be careful if using other patches. A nice list of hacks for FF6 advance <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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    Cool! I always love these sort of restoration hacks. I especially like Final Fantasy VI.