Final Fantasy 5 advance sound improvement hack

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    I did not see this mentioned elsewhere so I thought I would post it up. Bregalad made a hack for Final Fantasy 5 (Japanese series numbering naturally) on the GBA to make the sound much more like the SNES original (quite a big gripe for some people).
    Grab it here (if in some months time it is down for whatever reason hit me up and I will sort out a mirror): (click on the number underneath the "Patch Version" column)
    This is for the European version (the actual/original release sorted a few other problems with the game the US version saw and is generally the suggested version for would be players) only mind.

    My thoughts: audio hacking is not an easy feat and this was well done, note that I may be biased as I am a great fan of Final Fantasy 5 (dare I say best of the pre FF7 series and serious contender for best of series). It should affect no cheats on the game so I see no reason for anyone not to use it.

    The author also did some work on Golden Sun which is arguably now surpassed by the stuff from Atrius ( ) but you can grab it here:
    It is unknown if the two hacks "stack" but do not expect them to.
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    I tried this. For the most part, it's extremely awesome work. Basically, they actually used a TON more instruments in the GBA version than the SNES one. The author hacked in different instruments which better matched the original audio. Dumbest thing was probably the fact that Square Enix COULD have made it sound just as good as the original, but deliberately chose not to.

    The only gripe I have is that the intro is now out of sync and it kind of ruins that situation. Not a huge gripe though. Here's hoping he decides to do Final Fantasy 6 Advance, which he already says he's considering.
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    If he doesn't do a FF6 sound restoration patch, I'm gonna try to learn how to do it and start on it myself.
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    Sorry for the late reply, but there was someone else now who plans on making a really nice Final Fantasy VI Advance hack not just with the music restored.,8976.0.html

    Quoted info from page-

    Current features in this patch:

    ·Enhanced dialog font for all European languages
    ·A hand for dialog choices

    Planned features:

    ·Enhanced menu font for all European languages
    ·Enhanced text-containing tiles
    ·Anything related you could request (if I have the time)

    Current version (0.4) preview image:


    Other planned patches for FFVI Advance:
    ·7 letter names (Stragus, Matthew...)
    ·Palette restoration
    ·Sound restoration/enhancement
    ·Spanish text fixing/re-translation

    Go to the page for the patch. Right now, it's just a font enhancement, but there are big plans.