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    Not quite sure where to post this but hey.
    Despite opinions to the contrary ( ) I still like watching films and especially finding films I missed.
    I also tend to go by genre for a while before switching to another.

    Like so many people before me I ended up at imdb ( ) which is great for single films but for my purposes it was clunky and bordering on unusable (I have either seen the ones on the top50 by genre or decided they were pointless, that and I like some of the lower rated films over the higher rated films (for example I find Star Wars and Lord of the Rings barely watchable yet they seem to dominate most fantasy lists).
    Perhaps I was spoiled by the anime equivalents , and etc but that is a matter for a different day.

    Still not usually one to let computers win and with the "hmm, this could work if done my way" thing kicking in I decided to see if I could abuse the site.
    Webspidering would just be a waste of drivespace and bandwidth for all concerned so I looked for stuff people had made.
    Most apps I found were equally as limiting (even ones geared towards less than legit purposes which usually provide a good option for me) or geared towards website masters along with the usual trail of dead links, apps that had not seen an update since 2003 despite needing it, adware sporting versions, versions for obscure versions of ?BSD.......

    I eventually stumbled upon the following site though which featured lists of various sorts and took to it with my hex editor and spreadsheet (import data (excel)/link to external data (open office) coupled with sorts are great functions) like so many computing problems/similar situations (normally dat files for rom managers) before it: (the first link in the post goes to a ftp site which has it all on)

    While this solution works well enough I figured I would get peoples opinions/choice of application for this situation. No features I especially long for (this is not a cop out but I have noticed these sorts of threads turn out better if they are not limited) although if you have a powerful app (something like mp3tag but for films) then that would be nice.
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    ^^ I use that!