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    Cave Entrance, Watching Cyan Write Letters
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    I think you went overboard filling that page.
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    Reminds me of the exam papers that insist on having

    [Blank page]

    on the blank pages.
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    I insist that you have [blank post] every time you post a blank post.
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    I thought most hentai/porn sites wer...... Wait.... Nevermind.... That's "Fill 'er".... My bad....
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    I'll fill this page. Here's a neat little story about my last year in High School.

    So, it turns out that, I'm actually a genius when it comes to English homework. For some reason, I was able to coast through the experienced class no problems, but I was still bored out of my god damn mind. I wouldn't do a lot of the work because I wanted to build it up to do it all at once, just so I wouldn't be bored. Turns out, that still didn't do it. But whatever, I just lived with my dilemma.

    We always had tests. And I thought I was going slow when I would be able to finish it in about 5 minutes. Or sometimes we had to write an essay, or paragraph or story or whatever on the test. And again, that only took me a few minutes. Then I realized, my entire class, wanted to sit by me. I thought it was because I smelled amazing, which, I did, but that wasn't the reason. They wanted to actually copy off of me. And I thought I was being slow. So as the year went on, I was eventually forced to help everybody. Which was weird, because they'd say "stay in at lunch in the library" or "after school". But like I said, it only took a few minutes to get them to do their work.

    Then the finals came. The teacher handed us a book that pretty much made the Bible look like a kids book. It was that big (that's what she said). She urged us for the remaining weeks before the test to read it so we understand it all. I never bothered, I HAD TOO MANY GAMES TO COMPLETE DAMMIT! Test came, and when I walked through the doors, everybody looked at me. I was puzzled, and said "uh... isn't.. this the test for English Academics?" They all nodded. I walked up to my class, and noticed that they were all sleeping. Turns out, everybody was dead tired, and they were confused that I was just fine as if nothing was wrong. Then my buddies come up to me and say "dude, didn't you study?"

    It was at this time that I didn't want to piss them off and make it seem like I was bragging, so I just said "Of course I did." Then the teacher came in. Handed out our tests face down, and not allowed to flip until we were told to. My class, and shockingly, the other classes all were talking about me. I concentrated on what they were saying:

    "it's not fair, they're in his class why do they get to sit by him?"
    "fuck, ryan is going to breeze through this test no problem."
    "he says he studied, but knowing him, he didn't need to."
    "wish I was him, or at least in his class to be taught by him."

    As the test started, a lot of the questions were simple ones. Ones that anybody who actually tried in the class, would understand and get correct. As I made my way to the last page, I noticed there was a page filled up with lines going across. And above them, were some words written in bold:

    "Why is it so important to have the CRTC in effect when majority of TV shows and music played on radios, is American?"

    I thought about it, but then I decided to just fuck around, I just wanted the test to be over with. We had 3 hours to do the test. I was at the one hour mark, and I just wanted to go home and finish playing Devil May Cry 3. So I started writing. What I wrote about, surely would have shocked my friends and other classes if they found out what I was writing. The whole time they were thinking I was writing something that would impress University teachers. But it was actually the opposite. I wrote about the show Trailer Park Boys and Corner Gas. Both Canadian, and how Canadian humor is different from American humor. Totally off topic.

    When I got my results, 98% A+.

    So, what have I been doing with my life since then? Absolutely nothing. I go to bed 4 in the morning, I wake up 2 in the afternoon, I've dumbed down my typing and writing skills, and I've been enjoying the shit out of my games and fapping. Life is great =]

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    alanjohn check ur pm

    filler must be short + lotsa spaghetti blank