Fill me in on the Xperia Play

Discussion in 'Android' started by zeromac, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Well I saw the Xperia Play while using the FF add-on stumble upon and i really don't know much about it. I heard the guys over at Engadget got a hold of a unit and I'm reading the preview of it at the time of writing but i was wondering if you guys can link me any and all information on the Xperia Play because everything just seems so overwhelming.
    Like how does the Play have a OS if it's not released yet?
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    Wiki. A good deal of information there.

    For the OS, it'll use Android - that much has been common knowledge for a while now. For the PSP games, it'll use an app called Playstation Suite, although that seems to be getting rolled across all Android 2.3+ smartphones with a dedicated area in the Android Market for it (it'll be on NGP too, but that's a different story).
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    It will have a skin on top of android 2.3 similar to the Xperia Arc and others

    it's called Playstation Pocket, although the Xperia is speculated to be the premiere device for the Playstation Suite (an app that allows people to purchase and play PSX games, possibly more in the future)

    Playstation Suite will not be on all android 2.3+ smartphones, only ones that sony approves to have it

    the NGP isn't confirmed to have it but it makes sense

    Edit: btw that wiki has a lot of rumors in it
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    I can only hope my HTC Desire HD gets approved for PSS.

    Also, once the Xperia Play and PSS are released, the wikis will be updated with more facts. Until then, rumours, leaks and announcements are all people have to go on.
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    The Desire HD has essentially the same internals as the Xperia Play.

    Not sure how PSS will work but I can't imagine an unofficial port of Sony's software to other platforms will be terribly hard. [​IMG]