1. kineticUk

    OP kineticUk GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 14, 2009
    United Kingdom
    Has anyone noticed that some files are larger than they should be with akaio 1.6?
    I finding all my .sav files in the game directory are 32kb larger than they should be. Thought my .sav file had corrupted when I noticed it on my platinum save game...the save still seems to work but this is worrying and I just hope akaio team or someone here will be able to let me know what could be causing this.

    Every single .sav or .bak in my nds directory has extra 32kb shown when I checked the sd card on windows. Some games I am sure I have not played so I dunno when its adding these bytes on... or if akaio is even the cause. Hope this isn't a sign of a micro sd failing or something worse my side like a virus.

    Check this out if you guys can and see if your files are 32kb bigger too.

    I'm using RPG and akaio 1.6rc2
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