File name for ocean fishing hole 3D model in MM3D in the extracted files

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    Hey Im messing around in Unity for 3DS and would like to have to Ocean Fishing Area as my main area( but adding a wave to surf in the water)

    So I have all the MM3D files(zsi,cmb) and can successfully dump them with textures to .Dae. However I can seem to find the file Ocean Fishing area located in Zora cape area. Anyone familiar with Zelda scene listings names from hacking or something.

    I ripped Z2_fisherman_00.zsi and it almost seems like the scene. This is the scene im looking for's_Mask_3D_Zora_Cape_Ocean_Fishing_Hole_(Interior).png/revision/latest?cb=20160516145658

    I ripped to ones labeled sea but seems unrelated to ocean. Having trouble finding the Japanese name for the area or there nickname for it.

    MM3D Scene Listing

    This is where I found out the info on ripping

    Edit: I found Zelda 64 Japan scene listing helps eliminate some's_Mask_(J)
    but unfortuantly doesnt help point out what im looking for

    Edit2: Found it "Z2_turibori2_00.zsi"
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