Fight! (or whatever i change the name to later) - Upcoming mobile game

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    So ive been making this game, im calling it Fight Fight Fight for now, but i might change it, since i suck at naming stuff. Basically its supposed to be a multiplayer game. Im looking to draw some attention to it, either to get some extra help, or get some people to back this on indiegogo to help me publish the game to the app store and google play and get whatever tools i need. Ive made some progress on it, already, and i decided i should make the project on indiegogo to start gathering the money i needed to finish it. I feel like i put a lot of detail into the indiegogo page, so until i transfer it over tomorrow just check out the indiegogo page.

    Please ignore the $750 goal. im only looking for about $175 for tools and publishing costs. They say the lowest they accept is $500 (which is still too much) but any lower than $750 and i get an error keeping me from launching the project. heres the link:

    please help me finish this game, whether you're helping me code it or if your helping publish it. Thank you.

    And if youre wondering what happened to war of the shadows, a game im making with rev pokemon and a couple others, development seems to be on hold right now. Rev last time i heard was having trouble offline, and im not too sure about the rest. I had no reason to stop, but that wasn't something i could do alone, so i began work on this while work on the other game is halted.
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