FIFA 12: EA Details Improved AI, Set Pieces

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    EA Sports is hard at work on FIFA 12, and has detailed some of the improvements you can expect to see when the game releases later this year.

    Despite huge critical celebration of FIFA 11, EA Canada producer (and Brit ex-pat) David Rutter has promised that the studio isn't resting on its laurels for the next game in the series.

    The producer told the latest issue of OPM UK that EA has an "enormous shopping list" of improvements it wishes to make in its new game - and specified a few areas that the studio's already working on.

    "I think we did a great job with the Personality Plus feature [in FIFA 11," he said, "but the the teams [AI] doesn't support that quite as much as it should.

    "As an example, a team doesn't spot that if Peter Crouch in the area, they can lay a load of high balls onto his head."

    Rutter also revealed that set pieces are getting a complete overhaul, and that EA isn't happy with interruptive in-game loading screens.

    "Set-pieces are still a bit lame," he candidly admitted. "I get frustrated by not being able to do quick throw-ins, not being able to quickly select my free-kick takers, on the fly stuff. We're somewhat last-gen in the way the game cuts [before those things]."

    Rutter also commented on where the FIFA series is headed in more thematic terms - addressing the developer's wish to add more "soul" into proceedings.

    "Those moments where you take one [player] tp his old club and the boo boys come out, or his old team are more aggressive in the tackle towards him. SO you think: 'Wow! FIFA understands not just the game of football, but the sport and passion behind it'."[/p]

    To be fair, I don't know why FIFA 11's Personality+ is so congratulated, the referees are shocking! If I slide someone behind with a "lenient" ref, he will almost never give me a red card or even a yellow. Instead, he will just wave me away.

    Either way, hopefully the next FIFA will sort these issues out.
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    but u gotta give it them, they beat pes 11 (IMHO) due to some mistakes on pes 2011's part
    maybe they need to make their gameplay even more fluid and not sticky as it still is
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    Jan 19, 2011
    i dont think fifa can get and more 3D but gameplay is alright.
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    Improvements on the AI are very hard to notice and I hardly believe they put much work in that. They said that too for Fifa 11, all bollocks, just marketing crap.