Fifa 09 - To assist or not to assist?

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    Well it seems Fifa 09 is shaping up to be the quintessential football title for this year and the most perfect embodiment of football to date.
    I have already witnessed 2 Pro Evo fan's change allegiance within a one night sit in with Fifa 09.

    After destroying the computer in professional (getting 5-0 victories, for instance) i felt that i needed to ramp up the difficulty. Not in the AI sense though, but more like in the way it's played; taking shot's are too easy and some through balls don't connect with the right man.

    One of my mates has Fifa 08 and mentioned that i could turn the assist's off, though he personally was only aware of it and hadn't turned them off himself.
    So i fiddled around a bit (settings -> xbox 360 controller settings;) and turned off all the assists apart from cross assistance which i left on semi.

    After a game or two i had to put pass assistance back on but i've left off shot assistance and have through pass assistance on semi.

    Im just wondering what other people have been using, or even if they haven't been using it; what do they think of it?

    What set-up have you been playing with? Is it working for you or is it more of a hindrance?
    Should all the assists be left on? Or should only shot assistance be left off?

    Or should everything be left on semi?

    I'm (obviously) used to the controls, but i don't want to always be changing the assists. I want to leave the setting's alone so i can get better at the game.

    I'll begin (if you like you can use this lay-out to display your set-up, just a suggestion [​IMG]) ;

    My set-up:

    Pass Assistance: Assisted
    Through Pass Assistance: Semi
    Shot Assistance: Manual
    Cross Assistance: Semi
    Lob Pass Assistance: Assisted


    The passing is fluid and not causing me problems. Through passes are still 50/50 at my skill level so for the moment i'm not sure if semi is helping.
    Shot assistance at manual is still easy to pull off in Arena mode (practice) but is a lot harder to do in a real match when your under pressure / running, as the shot must be dead accurate (which is good [​IMG] ). Cross assistance on semi doesn't seem any different than assisted and i haven't tried it on manual since it's working quite well the way it is. Last but not least lob pass assistance is fine for the way i play; it connects very well with the intended player.

    All suggestion's and control set-ups welcome as well as debate into what assists are useful and which aren't.