FFXII localization duration prediction thread

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    Final Fantasy localization duration on PS2:
    FFX - 5 months
    FFX-2 - 8 months
    FFXI - 11 months (but this would include all other things like server set up and stuff, so don't look at this too much)
    FFXII - 7 months 2 weeks

    On the other hand, games like Infinite Undiscovery and Lost Remnant have very close release dates (even simultaneous release) across regions.

    Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy ports on DS also take over half an year.

    Unless Microsoft funds Square Enix North America/Europe big time, I'm gonna throw a shy guess of 6 months difference between Japan and North America, and 6 months 2 weeks between Japan and Europe.

    P.S. Looks like I'll end up buying 2 copies of this game, one in Japanese and one in English.
    Or maybe 3 copies; both versions of PS3 and one 360 [​IMG]

    P.S.2. Should we add a "FFXIII release date prediction" as a sub-thread? I'm gonna say first half of 2011 lol