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    just wondering if anyone knows answers to the following ?

    Q: I'm at the crystal tower, is that the final part of the game ?

    Q: Whats the Onion Knight job ? (I know how to get it just not got a friend code to send to atm)

    Q: Is the rate at which your stats go up dependant on Job type ? and whats the best Job for that ?

    Q: are there any more quests you can get by using the moognet thing ? (ive only sent to npc's atm)

    Thanks to anyone who can help !
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    crystal tower, if that is the one where you have Desch then no there is a lot more to come.

    Onion Knight is seemingly a reference to the original title where you started out as one but in the DS version it is an far more powerful job (once you level up that is) that can do lots. To get it you can use a save editor or you can do the following http://anonym.to/?http://db.gamefaqs.com/p...nion_knight.txt

    Everyone has the same base stats and the jobs modify them, best is subjective really but monks usually have the best strength (conversely no ultra powerful weapons for the monks exist and most of the time my monk is "weaponless")
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    Oct 17, 2006
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    Thanks !

    No the tower I'm at is the one you go to after you fight the two good wizards and they give you the last claw so you can get past the stone barriers.

    I thought the Onion knight was obtained by sending 8 messages to a friend on moognet but wil do that as soon as i get another friend with the game !

    Will lvl up the Onion knight when i get it !

    Any ideas of other quests ?

    many thanks for your help !

    P.S Im playing the original DS cart ... so no .sav editors possible [​IMG]
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    The crystal tower is at the end of the game.

    The Onion Knight is useful because it can equip most weapons/armor and it has Level 1-8 white and black magic. The Onion specific armor is also very nice. The downside about Onion Knight is that the stats are weak until your character level is 93. That's character level, not job level. If you get your character level above 93, the OK is the strongest job in the game. You're right about having to send 8 messages to a friend to unlock it. There's a thread in the NDS Wi-Fi forum where people post mognet friend codes.

    Most stats are dependent on character level.
    The only stat dependent on your job as you level is HP. The higher your Vitality, the more HP you gain every time your character gains a level. Monks and Black Belts have the highest Vitality, so it useful to have those jobs selected during the fight where you gain a character level.

    There are more mognet sidequests. You can unlock the legendary smith quest that will allow you to get the best item for each job at job level 99. I think to unlock this quest you have to send 8 messages, receive 4. Then you keep mailing Cid, Sara, and Takka. You'll have to get Sara's pendant fixed by the legendary smith, then find orichalum in Cid's basement, then keep finding the smith. It's a pain, but worth it.