FFIII - Remove Damage Limiter

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  1. Dhaos_Niko

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    Feb 28, 2008
    Yesterday, i was playing FFIII, and i was wondering how it could be if there wasn't a damage limiter set to 9999 HP of damage, because on some faqs there was written something like this: "the damage caps at 9999, but surely it's higher, thanks to HIGH attack power, strenght and job level."
    So i'm asking if there is a patch that removes that limiter.

  2. arctic_flame

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    All FF games have only let you do 9999 damage (somethimes per hit)...
  3. Kira Yamato

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Even though what arctic flame says is kinda true (since in FF X you can deal up to 99,999 damage) in this game there is a npc that says how much damage u have dealt in your strongest attack... and he can go over 9,999 damage... Even though im not sure u can deal over 9,999 damage to enemies... the calculations of damage goes over that... so in theory it would be possible...

    in the other hand... if they programmed 4 digits for the damage... u cant just make a lil patch and change it to 5... since it doesnt work that way...

    it would be nice if someone with more knowledge in that part could explain this a lil better
  4. FAST6191

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    Assuming nothing like knights of the round I think it was (several attacks: each about 6000 totalling much more taken off at the time of doing) it could be possible:

    9999 decimal is 270F in hexadecimal which means 4 hex characters or the largest value being 65535 decimal (FFFF hex) assuming all the binary values are parsed/available (note it is still possible to go higher but I would be fairly happy to bet it would get a nice bit more complex unless the devs/compiler decided to use 32 bits and ignore the upper 16 (rare but not unheard of)).

    A simpler method might be to do overflow calculations and take those off e.g.
    str x attack -armourx luck or whatever = damage = some number above 9999, say 15000.
    initially the game takes the 9999 but you then tell it to go on and continue until all the overspill has been accounted for.
    at the start the game only uses the first 9999 leaving 5001 to rot.
    you then tell the game to parse damage by memory values compare and whatever until all is said and done. I have no idea how the game does it at this time (FF titles occasionally have some nice anti cheating stuff built in) so it could be fairly complex or it could be simple.
    I would personally try and dupe the hit system here into doing my bidding (I imagine extra hits are randomly assigned and detailed by a register/memory location. Set a positive result on a compare if greater than (9999) to mov an "allow another hit" to said register/memory section and continue until all is said and done.
  5. Kira Yamato

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    Sep 16, 2006
    well... the calculations about the damage are already done... i mean... the damage system and stuff... and there is an npc that says how much damage u have done... (masters can easily go over 9999 after lvl 70s.... if my memory doesnt fail) and well... im not sure if what he says if that if there is a way to make the game say whats your actual damage... or deal it (in case you only deal 9999 even if u do more... (im not sure if u really hit for what the npc says))

    so if you could re-do the question it would be easier to answer
  6. Szyslak

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    Oct 31, 2006
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    I wouldn't say "all FF games", as evidenced by above. It appears they have been tinkering with this limit in recent releases.

    For instance, in FFIV DS, on your first play through, you are limited to 9999 damage per hit. But when you beat the game, you acquire a decant ability that lets one character do more than 9999 damage. It becomes a strategic decision who you give that decant ability to. Personally, I gave it to Kain, because "jump" can do devastating damage at high levels (40,000 or so).

    Hope that muddies up the water a little bit. [​IMG]