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    Dec 19, 2012
    United States
    I recently Installed FF7 on my iPad 4th Gen 16GB Model.

    I have played the PSX version and have beaten it back in 2012 ( yea I know i cant believe I waited that long to beat it, I played it and owned it as a kid but never could get very far.)

    My question is did Square Speed up the walking speed of the characters on the map? for me they seem sped up not super fast but to the point where I want to hold "B" in towns so I can navigate them easier (less bumping into walls)

    I've looked at gameplay footage of others and it doesn't seem as fast as mine. I know this is supposed to be the PC port I guess. I never played that so don't know if it's just cause of higher FPS or what. I might end up posting a video if I can later.
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